Q & A with a Pro: Part 3 – How to Stay Alive in the Virtual Industry

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Q&A part 3 stay alive virtual world

How does one stand out amongst your competition?

The world of virtual assisting is almost to the point where you really do need to start specializing in things, otherwise, you’ll just be more white noise. Make a list of all your skills that you have and what kind of people you would like to be working with. This is kind of hard when you’re just starting out because you don’t really know what’s out there or what’s going on and that’s okay! 

What are the most in-demand skills?

The hottest things right now are basic Infusionsoft skills and social media content creation. There are courses you can take on Infusionsoft and you can charge a great deal for experience with it. You can create social media packages and schedule them for your clients with tools like Coschedule – there is a lot you can learn for free! There are also paid resources that will teach you how to put together a social media package, even courses on how to write a great blog. You don’t need a fancy software and the rest is just basic assistance.

How do I gain more clients?

I recommend starting off by offering some packages for free. That’s how you’re going to get your first client testimonials! Free 5 hours of admin support, free 10 minutes of transcription, buy three months worth of social media packages and get one free, basically offering your services for free. I would even do a contract with them that says I’m doing X for free in exchange for a testimonial. From there you can charge more!

Is it better to have one client or lots of clients?

Never put all your eggs in one basket! Make sure you have a few consistent clients every month and then have another few projects that you can shuffle around if stuff comes up. You can even teach English online a little bit each week to bring in supplemental income. I call it diversifying my portfolio! This is just in case your client that was 30 hours a week decides to drop off the map – that way you’re not entirely screwed.

How do I not overcomplicate my business?

As you begin your career there’s so much pressure to brand yourself through something like a slogan or something like short and snappy so potential clients know what you’re doing and who you are serving. There’s no need for that! You can’t be the frontwoman of 10 different businesses, you just need to be known for some really specific things. If you’re the face of too many different things it will be confusing for your audience and it’s confusing to you as well. If you’re stretching yourself too thin you’re not able to actually make something really go all the way.

And finally! Make sure to take a few minutes to listen to my podcast interview with Anca from the Audacious Explorer podcast! I talk about all these points and more! You can find it here!

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