Wondering How To Be a Virtual Assistant?

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how to be a virtual assistant

Wondering how to be a virtual assistant? Melissa our featured member explains all below!

My name is Melissa Londenberg and I am a Virtual Assistant in Texas. I have been a Virtual Assistant in some capacity for years but never knew that is what it was called until recently. In the last year I have finally declared myself a VA.

I am a mom of 4 and love having the ability to work from home while the kids are playing or asleep. I love being a Virtual Assistant because I love that I can work anywhere and with the schedule I choose.

Having this ability is great for a busy mom like me. Virtual assistance gives me the ability to take a day of when someone is ill or if we want to take a vacation. I specialize in Project Management and Social Media Creation and Management. I love to come up with an idea, create it, and see how the public responds to it.

The Virtual Assistant Internship program has been awesome. I had been looking for a program to help me realize and narrow into a specialty as a VA. The biggest thing I have learned from the VAI program is to have confidence in myself and realize my worth.  The ladies in our group are so supportive and are always there to help you improve upon your work.

Find our more about Melissa’s virtual assistant business here: www.MelissaandComp.com

If you are looking more into how to be a virtual assistant, then check out our free class on how to get started HERE.

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