How Marium Became a Virtual Assistant

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Marium was struggling to shift from being an office based executive assistant and shifting into a true work from home lifestyle as a virtual assistant. Here she tells her story of how to be a virtual assistant, too.

      I have been trying to figure out what I must do in order to go from my current position as an Executive Assistant (EA) to a Virtual Assistant (VA). My research didn’t lead me to many resources providing guidance. I wanted to learn from a real person, not follow steps from a blog.

Blogs didn’t explain HOW I would get there, blogs would only have a list of things to do. Sure, I have many years of experience working as an EA but I wasn’t sure how I can apply that experience to my VA business.

     One thing I love about being a part of the Virtual Assistant Internship program (VAI)  is the interpersonal relationship we have with Esther. The ability to chat/speak with a live person, feeling connected because of the small group environment we have is essential for me.

I feel comfortable. I feel safe. I have participated in many other online programs, but that’s all that it was online with pre-recorded information, worksheets, etc. But VAI has made the experience worthy of my time. Worthy of my attention. I look forward to our weekly calls just because I can interact with other fellow VAI members.

Also Esther is very interactive; the personal feedback we receive from her has been helpful. Because I am getting the personal time, I am able to hold myself accountable to complete the task. I feel the need to show up to group calls. It’s an intimate group.

      One of the most important reason why I chose to be a VA is to liberate myself from a 9-5 lifestyle and create time freedom. The flexibility to have my own schedule, be able to spend time with my family and friends, work & play however and whenever I want is important to me.

Working as an EA in the traditional 9-5 environment does not allow me to have the flexibility I am looking for. I hate having to ask for permission to have a day off because I am not feeling well. Or to “notify” someone that I have to attend to my family so I need the day off. As I am getting older, I am feeling suffocated by the ropes of having a traditional job.

     Additionally, being stuck in an office does not allow me to be creative. It is not challenging to me. I love being challenged, learning new things, working on new things and seeing the by-product of my work. I want to make an IMPACT on the work I do and becoming a VA creates that path which will allow me to combine my passion to serve without dreading it.

     I am an introvert by nature, so I take time and make observations before I connect with people. Being a VA fits well with my personality as I love helping people. I am caring, compassionate, understanding and I love to solve people’s problems.

I am a Cancer (zodiac sign), I am sure you can tell. We are the nurturing type. I am multi-passionate so I am always coming up with creative ideas to make an impact in the work I do. I am aiming to specialize in working with Health & Wellness Entrepreneurs as I have extensive background in the health field.

      My many years of experience working as an EMT and studies in health has given me the knowledge to better understand how our body works. I am extremely passionate about alternative health and healing.

I love sharing my knowledge to help others find alternative solutions from conventional medicine. I believe if you want to dissolve any health related pain or discomfort in your life you must find the core problem; slapping on a band-aid will not do.

     I am a quick learner. I pretty much can learn something quickly than the average person. Lately, I have become addicted in learning to create websites, graphics and design.

What I love most about being a VA is setting my own schedule. Plus working with many different people, sharing ideas and creativity all while being in you PJ’s! I want to make money doing what I love, serving people. Helping business owners serve their clients without worrying about inundated tasks that does not serve their purpose. That is where I come in.

FUN FACTS: I am a kid at heart and love to be silly when around kids. I have the world’s most adorable cat whom I love. He waits for me at the front door every evening when I get home from work. Sometimes I enjoy unplanned activities; random late night drives with my hubby and I love spicy food. I also have a new-found appreciation for meditation.

Check out Marium now rocking her web design and digital marketing professional virtual career HERE!

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