Do you dream of working from home?

(without selling shit to your friends and family )

Hi, I’m Esther. I’ve been working online for the last 6 years and helping fellow military wives, Moms and travel lovers find a virtual career they love.


I get it. You want to work from home but you don’t want to sell wraps, pills, shakes or anything else. You want to travel, stay home with your kids or create a deployment proof virtual career as a military wife. 


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Praise for Virtual Assistant Internship

Virtual Assistant Internship program is awesome. I had been looking for a program to help me realize and hone my skills as a budding VA. I looked at every program out there and and when I found this wonderful program I knew I found what I was looking for.  I love that the program is geared toward stay at home moms and military wives. We often feel we do not have the skills to make money while at home. Esther’s innovative idea of actually helping students build their portfolio and giving real hands-on experience is amazing and that the students sponsor Compassion International kids is the icing on the cake.  If you’re looking to learn how to be a rocking girl boss VA who chooses her own hours and destiny then look no further then Virtual Assistant Internship program.

I was an intern turned assistant with Esther. Stop with missing out on family time, staying at a miserable job because bills have to be paid, feeling like you can’t build a career and giving into MLM opportunities. The value in this is incredible.

This training changed my life!  I was so worried about being able to contribute to our family finances because my husband was going to leave the military soon, but I didn’t want to work outside the home and put most of my earnings into paying for daycare and commuting through traffic.  Now I work from home, have my own clients, and I absolutely LOVE my job!

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Meet Esther!

Military wife and mother to one adorable kiddo, Esther founded Virtual Assistant Internship to help other military wives work from home so they can make more money while being at home with their kids too. They are currently traveling around the world, follow their adventures on our Instagram!