Our Work From Anywhere 2018 Superstars & 90 Day VA Team!

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You probably only know me and maybe Deya my COO that helps run the FB group which is just one of the many things she does. But like I’ve mentioned a few times, it takes a village to run this shiz and I wanted to take a minute to celebrate our team that work tirelessly to help more of you work online and some of our super star program members that have rocked the online work life this year!

It’ll give you a good idea into the amount of online jobs you can do for someone that runs things like this online too and help you see it’s really not just me working online…there’s a bunch of us!


    • Morgan DK our CFO that helps process program members payments, preps the month end income reports I do (year end report is coming soon!) and helps give you all tons of info on tax prep + money management for those of us working online or as a digital nomad around the world. You’ve helped me be less afraid of my money and embrace the numbers and for that I will be eternally grateful
    • Deya our COO I would literally be a chicken running around without a head if it wasn’t for you. You love everyone reading this as much as I do and are so passionate about all we get to do, I am so honored you choose to work with me and am your biggest referrer and fan!
    • Morg our Graphic Designer and my bestie. You just started as an overly enthusiastic 90 Day VA program member that insisted on being my intern…and now are my Bali bestie running your own agency. I am SO PROUD of you but even more so cannot believe we get to run these ventures together from our villas with the puppies running around like it’s nbd. You are a treasure and lmk when you want to leave our significant others and run away together
    • Chris our Web Developer + Funnel Builder who insists I stop doing technical shit that breaks everything and constantly encourages me to step into the role I am supposed to be in as CEO. He’s done SO MUCH for all of you like building courses and funnels and brings a much needed ‘dude’ viewpoint into all kinds of situations. So proud of your new web development career and can’t wait to build more things with you this year!
    • Claire, Laure, Natalie + future interns: Claire manages our Pinterest, Natalie did a bunch of social media posts, our weekly newsletter links + group management and Laure does all kinds of odds and ends of which we are so thankful for! This is the heart of the program. Trust me, having interns is usually as much work as just doing it myself but we LOVE watching you all grow and seeing your online careers EXPLODE after the internship projects.
    • Justyn: You aren’t working for us anymore because as happens with all my interns, you quickly outgrew me and are killing it now! Thank you for all you did this year and your passion for the women we get to help work online. You encouraged me to run all of this full time even when I couldn’t believe that would ever be possible, you believed it for me.
  • Husband: What a year we have had. Watching your photography + the PR branch of this business grow with you in charge is blowing my mind. Never did I imagine we’d be back together working side by side on our laptops from our bed in our Bali villa let alone running an international business together traveling the world. Thank you for all your support even when I didn’t believe in myself. Thank you for stepping up as a husband that isn’t like the others, one that cooks, cleans, takes care of the kiddo and supports his wife’s online business 100%. You are the love of my life!


    • Natalie Laine: Killing it with all her PR and VA clients in under 90 days AND single handed invited like 5 more women to help be a VA join the program too, you are a force to be rekoned with and I can’t wait to see what 2019 brings for you!
    • Avery Rae: One of Natalie’s invites and quickly maxxed out her online work time + moved to Bali, what a crazy few months for you! Your persistence is paying off already!
    • Kirsten: You were working online on your own terms in less then 90 days but then navigated a really tough situation with a difficult client AND replaced her within just a few weeks, what a year of growth for you!

    • Amber L: Single Mom of 2 kids and you haven’t let it stop you, not even a moment! I love watching you niche your online offers and the new things you have planned for this year, being a VA was only the beginning for you!

    • Nikki: You’ve definitely had some ups and downs this year but I can already tell you are on the UPSWING now and taking charge of your new online career with a clear head and aren’t holding anything back!
    • Evina: Are you kidding?! In 1 year you got 3 FULL TIME online jobs you LOVE?! You are a badass boss babe and such an asset to your clients. You are going to have some insane growth this year, I can just feel it!

    • Laura: New Mom, military wife, unstoppable. Working from home with your sweet baby girl in tow hasn’t stopped you for a moment! Love watching your quiet progression this year. You are rocking it!

    • Natalie K: Brand new into 90 Day VA and already working with clients! You move quick girlfriend! Get it!

AND OF COURSE our Athena! Replaced her six-figure salary in less then 6 months online LIKE A BOSS! Plus she’s turning into a sweet friend always encouraging me and the group when we are struggling…so thankful for you and SO PROUD!!

There’s so many more but these were top of mind today- you are all amazing for simply taking the first step in joining 90 Day VA and declaring I AM WORTH MORE.

To those brand new in 90 Day VA or those that joined last year but haven’t been able to make any progress on the course…watch out! 2019 is your year!

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  1. Esther, you are badass. I watch how you empower women (and men) and my dream is to be part of your team. I have 20 years of project, business and operations management experience. Let’s team up and make more dreams come true!

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