20 Legit Virtual Jobs for Military Spouses

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As a military spouse our careers often fall by the wayside. Our spouses career is so time consuming even when they aren’t deployed. Then we have to play solo-parent while they are constantly gone. Then we get into the 2-3 year PCS moves and you can bet employers will be running when they see ‘Military Spouse’ on your resume or profile.

Believe me, as a fellow military spouse, I know the struggle. Which is why 6 years ago I started working online and mentoring fellow military wives on base. Since then I’ve helped almost 200 women work online successfully while running my own six figure online agency. I firmly believe you can have your own identity apart from your spouse and their career, kids, chores, errands and never ending to do lists. The best place to start is earning your own money doing something you enjoy that won’t fall apart every time a deployment or PCS comes up.

If you haven’t had a chance to take my free class yet on how to get started as a virtual assistant I encourage you to check that out HERE and without further adieu, here’s 20 legit online jobs anyone can totally do!

1. Transcription/Translation – One of the most well-known jobs you can do from home is transcription. Your client will send you audio clips to listen to you you’d jot down the words to create an exact copy of what was said in the audio. If you’re also bilingual, you could translate the audio as well if they’re looking for it.

2. Customer Service – Another well-known job you can do from home is customer service. If you’re looking for something flexible, however, this is not it. You still have to work the typical office hours and you’ll only make roughly $9-11 USD. If you’re just looking for something in which you do not have to commute, then it could be for you.

3.Teaching English Online – Do you have any teaching experience? Did you know that you don’t necessarily need a BA in teaching to work from home teaching English? Most gigs are super flexible and you can make decent money doing so too! If you have absolutely no degree, I suggest looking into Cambly – they pay $10USD to start and no degree is required!

4.Social Media Management – Here’s a job you can do if you have experience on Social Media (and who doesn’t these days?) Build yourself a portfolio showing that you can run groups on Facebook, work on engagement on each platform and even come up with the graphics and posts.

5. Content Marketing – If you’re a creative person, you may want to think about becoming a Content Marketer. You’d be running the campaigns for your clients as well as creating all of the graphics, content and posting strategy so they don’t have to.

6. Web Design – If you have internet access, you can find many different places to learn how to code, design and develop websites. The better you get, you can end up making around $40-60 USD an hour (or the equivalent to a couple thousand per site.)

7. Project Manager – Here’s yet another job that does not require a degree to do. Most companies that hire remote workers care less about degree and more about your work ethic. After building up your portfolio of running projects, you can make around $35-40 USD per hour.

8. Graphic Design – If we branch off from Content Marketing, you can focus on graphic design if that’s your thing. Most graphic designers can make $30-50 USD an hour for making stunning graphics for business websites and social media platforms.

9. Copywriting / Ghostwriting – If you’re an avid word lover, I suggest looking into copywriting. Any type of content writing – Social Media blurbs, captions, small blogs, funnel scripts, you can make a living on being a virtual copywriter.

10. Sales Writing – Funnel scripts go a bit more in depth, so if you choose to focus on funnels, sales writing is right up your alley. Coming up with magnetic copy to attract customers to purchase the item/service is a great skill to have especially if you choose to work from anywhere.

11. Ghost Blog Writing – I separated this because blogging is a completely different entity. Basically people hire you to write ghost blogs for their site, they could be a ‘blogger’ or just a business owner that needs blogs but doesn’t have time to write them. Blogging can be as little as a few 300-500 word posts for $20 each or up to $600-$1000 for longer posts with more research required.

12. Editor/Proofreader – This type of job is a bit tricky, because you may need a potential degree to follow MLA/APA styles for more established and professional copy, but if you’re being hired to proofread a blog post or multiple social post copies, you might be able to do so. A lot of businesses do hire online editors solely for grammar and copy to keep their posts flowing neatly.

13. Matchmaker – Yes, you can play matchmaker online as a job. You won’t make as much as you would if you were graphic designing, but you can make about $15-20 USD doing so right from the comfort of your couch, wine glass in hand.

14. Fashion Stylist – I’m sure you’ve seen those style boxes everyone raves about, right? Well, you could be a fashion stylist putting those awesome boxes together! They all work remote, and you can make between $15-20 USD doing so.

15. eCommerce Assistant – An eCommerce Assistant is basically a Virtual Assistant that specializes in Shopify, Amazon, and other stores that deal with commerce. (check Free Up! For jobs)

16. Program Manager – As a program manager, you’d be in charge of running courses, assisting with troubleshooting and posting to any Facebook groups the course instructor has. You may also send out newsletters to members about important dates and instructions as well.

17. Video Editor – You can make decent money doing Video Editing, and you don’t need a degree to do so! You can make roughly $30-40 USD per hour editing video content for regular clients.

18. Audio Editing – Of course the next job would be audio editing. Think video editing, but instead you’re editing only audio clips. Podcasts, audiobooks, eCourses, etc…there’s a lot of audio being thrown around these days and all of it requires a good editor.

19. Podcast Manager – If you take on the job of Podcast manager, you will be in charge of creating the graphic for the episode, writing the outline for the speaker and show notes to input on the platform. You would also be responsible for uploading the finished product to the various platforms and formatting them as you go. For busy podcasts this may be a full time gig! For smaller podcasts you may offer this online service to a few every month.

20. Pinterest Management – Did you know that Pinterest is a huge search engine? You can utilize it to help drive traffic to your client’s website and products directly through there. Setting up awesome pin graphics and scheduling them at the right time will really help your client get the exposure they need to continue to bring in the traffic.

All of these are feasible jobs to start doing right from the comfort of your home. I’ve either personally done them myself or know others who have.

You know the biggest thing they all have in common? Almost all of the jobs listed we teach in our 90 Day VA program. Literally the exact skills you need in order to work online are encompassed in our training and internship program to give you skills + experience in 90 days or less.

I talk about everything in my free online workshop you can enroll in HERE or www.90DayVA.com

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