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90 Day VA is a community of ambitious women

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Virtual Assistant Internship literally changed my life. Not just in the cheesy, cliché way people always say it, but in a painfully honest way... I managed to go from working for abusive and manipulative bosses to living in Bali and traveling full-time while supporting both myself and my partner.

I gained invaluable skills, made lifelong friends, and learned so much about who I am. My story isn’t special, and I am not lucky; I just put in the elbow grease necessary because I knew I wanted to look back and be proud of myself 5 years from now. One year down the road, and I am already astonished by how far I’ve come. I owe it entirely to Esther and her VAI family.
There will always be excuses, but if you want it bad enough, there will always be a way. At the beginning of the year, I bought a printer using the gift card my company gave me just so I could print a resignation letter and dated it July 1st. I gave myself 6 months. Got it done in 2. (And so can you!)
I am one of Esther's students and her program is top notch! She has changed everything for me - the way I think about myself, my abilities, and my potential. Her class is more than that - it's a community. And it is worth a gazillion dollars more than what she charges!
I had to leave my full-time nanny job because I was moving to Southern California. I always knew I wanted a remote career because I loved to travel. The course has been SO amazing! I knew a lot of the basics from running my own travel focused blog and Instagram, but once I dived into the course, Esther immediately taught me that running my own travel blog or social media account is totally different from working for someone else.

Everything in the course had amazing value and taught me something I didn't know (even though I thought I knew what there was to know). Esther teaches it in such a straightforward way that there is NO confusion on what to do and what not to do. I haven't even finished the course yet and I already have 3 clients! What makes me feel very comfortable is I know that if I ever get stuck, I could go back to the videos and review a section, OR I could post it in the private Facebook community and one of the other VAs will be supportive and helpful.

every woman deserves to design a life on her own terms.

you do too

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we have a little party every time one of our students gets her first client

I have been taking the course for just over a month. I cold pitched a food blog in their “contact us” area and one of the girls responded back to me. I am going to be writing the content for her blog posts twice a week! I think my application kit is what got her attention and my boldness in offering the services even though it wasn’t advertised that they were looking.
I started the course in mid-March 2019! I started to apply for jobs in mid-April and got my internship at the beginning of May. Now I have three new clients! I got all these jobs through the Facebook groups which are always full of resources!

Thanks you Esther and her team for awesome guidance and support!
I started the program over a year ago. I transitioned my traditional job into an awesome remote position with Esther's guidance. I manage their social media, create training resources and provide continual content. I also picked up a long-term ghostwriting client from Esther's job listing.

I'm still working my way through the course, but it has been SO valuable in learning new skills and, most importantly, giving me the confidence to put myself out there even if I didn't feel quite ready.
I got my first client a month after starting the course, just by mentioning that I'm doing a VA training course!

I have since got another client that I do blog writing for. I've also increased my prices after support and advice from Esther, Deya, and the other course members! The course has changed my life and given me so much freedom, independence, and flexibility to create the life I want to live!
So while sitting here working on my blog posts, I wanted to tell you that I had 2 potential clients already. As soon as I started this class, it just started falling in place.

I prayed every day for a solution to allow me to work from home due to my health and more time with my family and God brought me you! I just wanted to remind you how important you are to all of us. Have a wonderful day!
I always thought I didn't have any skills to work online. I convinced myself it was a pipe dream. My impression was that the only legit online jobs involved graphic design, coding or other scary technical gigs. It wasn't until I met someone that was like "hey if I can do this, you can do this" and she introduced me to Esther's 90 Day 90 course.

The rest is history. Well, I'm here to tell YOU - if I can do this, you can do this. Only about 1.5 months or so into the 90 Day VA course (and I haven't even completed all the modules) and I've got clients, y'all. Real life clients. Through the confidence and #skills that 90 Day VA taught me, my pipe-dream is becoming a reality.

join our group of #girlbosses today

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