11 Skills You Already Have to Work from Home as a Virtual Assistant

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Virtual Assistant jobs are becoming a hot new industry that is already worth $1.6 billion. I bet that number is already enough to get you interested, but you’re probably wondering what Virtual Assistants actually do. Virtual Assistant tasks can range from personal arrangements to high profile marketing, working along side of busy entrepreneurs such as authors, life coaches, fitness coaches, business owners, real estate agents and interior designers.

By freeing up busy entrepreneur’s time from daily tasks and time draining projects, the value of a Virtual Assistant is priceless. As one entrepreneur put it “A VA can be just as indispensable as your smartphone when it comes to optimizing tools, tactics and tips that create windows of opportunity, expansion and replenishment in your personal sphere.”

The benefits of being a Virtual Assistant are basically endless. You get to work from home, or anywhere really, which means you can cut down on the costs of transportation, you don’t have a long commute, and you save your boss money on office space which means they have more money to pay you!

The hours are flexible, you can work the hours that suit you and your schedule. You basically get to choose your boss, deciding which type of clients you would like to work with. The list goes on!

As you can see, the benefits of being a VA are limitless and so are the skills required to become on. If you’re still lacking confidence, you can easily polish up your current skills and learn so many new ones with my FREE course, How to work from anywhere (without selling anything).

While some of the more specific skills are learned on the job or through certain experiences, there are tons of skills that you already have that would make you an awesome VA! Here is a list of the top 11 skills you already have to work from home as a Virtual Assistant.

1.  Email

If you know how to write, respond and forward emails. You could be a Virtual Assistant. Busy entrepreneurs don’t have time to respond to every email and they may be getting hundreds of pesky emails a day. That’s where you come in! Your future client will be happy to pay you for your time to sort through the junk and flag the really important stuff, which leads us to the next skill you probably already have….

2. Organization

This is key to any organization, even if it’s just you and your client! You could be helping clients by arranging meetings, conference calls, or events. You might be able to help them organize their data or content to increase their efficiency and reach out to more clientele.

Your future clients need to spend their precious time focusing on their skills and passions, whether it’s writing, coaching, styling or creating, and they need someone like you to help them keep everything in order.

3. Creativity

Just because you’ll be working for someone else doesn’t mean that you won’t get to let your creative juices flow! As a Virtual Assistant, you’ll get to create content for your client’s blog, website, or social media.

If you can make videos, create images, design advertisements for upcoming events, or have thought of more ideas as you’re reading this, then there’s already someone out there waiting for you to start creating content for them and they are willing to pay you good money for it.

4. Writing

If you have any experience writing (even if it’s from high school or college) you could help take a large load off of potential clients. Writing tasks can range from emails, instant messages, blogs, Facebook posts, tweets and more. Clients will be so impressed with your writing skills that feature a fabulous vocabulary, correctly spelled words and impeccable grammar.

5. Posting on Facebook/Instagram

Who doesn’t love getting likes and comments on their facebook or instagram accounts? That’s why I’m sure you strive to put out your best and favorite content for the world to see.

As a Virtual Assistant, you could be doing the same thing for your client and reaching hundreds or thousands of followers every day, helping them build their following and promoting their business.

6. Managing a Facebook group

If you have already mentally ticked off a few of the skills I mentioned above then I know for sure you’re a boss, which means you know how to manage people, which means you probably have the skills to manage a Facebook group. Using your amazing organizational skills, you will be able to filter problem members, address pending notifications, schedule posts, and much more. You will also be able to answer questions or find the answers to them because you’re super resourceful and know how to use Google!

7. Research

We already use “Google” in our daily vocabulary, for example, “I’ll just Google that quickly,” so why not get paid for it? Clients will hire you to research trending topics and styles (which you probably already know because again, you’re a BOSS) to help them understand their customers’ wants and needs.

8. Typing

If you use modern-day technology (which I can see you do!) then you definitely know how to type. As a Virtual Assistant, typing is a critical skill since it will be part of many of the tasks you do. In addition to writing emails and blogs, you may be asked to write articles, summarize research, or transcribe an audio clip.

9. Pinterest

A picture is worth a thousand words and your Pinterest posts could be worth thousands of dollars. Trust me, busy business owners don’t have the time to select the ideal picture combined with the perfect font and write a compelling description. That’s why they will pay you to do it for them. Take it a step further by strategically engaging with others on Pinterest to create a following and increase the client’s web traffic, and you’ll be dancing your want to the bank!

10. Good communication

Busy business owners are looking for someone who is friendly yet professional and that they can count on to respond when they need them. Answering phone calls, emails and other messages in a timely and respectful manner is an easy and simple way to show your potential client you are a good candidate for the job.

While you may want to answer the phone with a “Hey girl, hey!” It’s important to stay professional (this is your job remember!) And your tone should reflect that you are serious about assisting your client.

11. Attention to detail

This skill is crucial when you are constantly connecting with the online world where posts can go viral in a matter of hours. Clients will be very specific when it comes to describing how they would like things done and it’s really important that you follow their instructions exactly as described.

While this job is flexible in many ways, attention to detail is an area where you’ll need to tighten up the screws.

Wait a minute, weren’t there only supposed to be ten skills in this blog? If you noticed that the last one was number eleven, then congratulations you’ve got great attention to detail and another bonus skill that you already have to be a Virtual Assistant!

Becoming a Virtual Assistant is a life-changing career and is sweeping the world right now.

If you have some of these skills and are interested in changing your life for the better, then I would love to tell you more about how to get started right away as a Virtual Assistant by joining my FREE class on how to get started you can enroll in HERE now. This class will explain the skills you need and how to find legit online work without prior experience RIGHT AWAY in your new Virtual Assistant career!

Special thanks to Claire Kinnell for this fabulous blog post!

Hi! I’m Claire Kinnell. I am a Virtual Assistant originally from the United States but currently based in Geelong, Australia. I provide services in content creation, social media management, research, data organization, and general administrative tasks. I love travelling, reading, writing and food.

You can find me on Facebook or Instagram!

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  1. I enjoyed reading this article very much. Claire did mention a few things a va may be asked to do that I was unaware of. My attention to detail allowed me to notice several typos as well.


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    The sector hopes for even more passionate writers such as you who
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