How Much Money Can I REALLY Make Working Online?

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As you get deeper into the online work world you begin to get discouraged seeing jobs posted online for around $2 an hour. The reason that people are paying so low for these jobs is generally that they need help but have no budget and the people who do these jobs are generally those living in developing countries where $2/hr is pretty great for them. However, this is not what we do nor how much we make (even as a beginner).

What can you expect to make online?

There’s basically 3 different categories because of course, not everyone is going to qualify to make the same amount of money. There are a lot of factors that go into how much money you can charge and in turn how much you are going to make.


We call you beginners if you are just starting out in the virtual industry. Everyone has to start somewhere. When you are starting out you might find yourself doing a wide variety of tasks. That’s OK. This is the best way for you to figure out what you are good at and what you want to do long term. This is also the best way to build your portfolio.

If you are starting with basic admin tasks then you are going to find that a good rate to charge for these things is on average around $7-$15 USD an hour.


Intermediate is when you may have been working in the Industry for 6 months-5 years. You know what you are good at and you have a well-built portfolio really showing clients what you can do. Make sure that you have an awesome resume and professional social media accounts. Around this time you can start charging people $20-$30 an hour. This is what the girls that come out of our 90 Day VA program end up qualifying for as an example.


We call the next section mastery because this is when you really niche down and start doing what you are really good at! During this time you are going to be making anywhere from $30-60 an hour. The more you master, however, the more you are going to make. This is for people who have educated themselves further in what they want to do. They have done the coding boot camp, gotten the teaching certificate or anything like that to really make themselves an expert.

Once you are an expert you can start charging $100-200 an hour and be outsourcing most of your work to an amazing team that you have built up to help you get to this point.

What can you do now to start generating an income online?

I did a quick video of 20 legit online jobs anyone can do that can help you get started, check that out HERE. And our Facebook Group is full of daily job postings, go check that out and see what you qualify for! Anything you can’t qualify for that you want to do let us know and we can point you in the direction of some great online trainings to help bridge the gap. 

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