Why You Need to Stop Telling Yourself That You Won’t Find a Job as a VA

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why you need to stop telling yourself that you won't find a job a va featured

You hear about other people landing their first client or becoming fully booked in a matter of months, but you’re struggling to do the same. 

Imposter syndrome kicks in, and you’re asking yourself – “Can I actually do this?”

I hear it all the time with both my students and with others interested in becoming a virtual assistant:

“I don’t think I’ll be able to find an online job.”

“I won’t be able to get clients.” 

But what many people don’t see is the hard work, rejections, and persistence it took for that one person to finally land that job. 

Everyone is at a different level, with different skills, and different characteristics. It’s unfair to compare yourself to anyone else. 

So, these are a few reasons why you need to stop telling yourself that you won’t find a job as a virtual assistant.

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The Market is Not Saturated

You may think that there’s no room for you as a virtual assistant, but it’s just not true. A common fear among many new VA’s is that the market is too saturated.  

Well, I’m going to let you in on a little secret…

The market is not too saturated. 

That’s right! I said it.

There are so many paths to take as a virtual assistant, people are hiring for different tasks, and your chances of remote work are quite high. The even better news?

The people you want to work with in the field you want to work in are looking to hire you.

In light of COVID-19, more and more businesses have begun to shift towards remote working. The freelance lifestyle is becoming the norm, and it took a pandemic for others to see how efficient this style of living actually is. 

It’s completely normal to feel overwhelmed, especially when you start something new. You’re learning new systems, meeting new people, and it’s a lot to take in! 

Once you start getting more familiar with the market, the types of companies out there, and the skills needed, you’ll quickly see that there is room for you here. 

If you need a little more convincing, you can check out my blog post with 10 reasons why now is the perfect time to work online.

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You Do Have the Skills

Many people fear that they may not have the right skills to work in the online space, and they question their abilities to do the work.

“Why would anyone hire me when that other person is SO much better?”

“My client just let me go. Is it because I’m doing something wrong?”

“I don’t know if I can do that.”

The list goes on.

But let me tell you, I had NO idea what I was doing when I first started as a virtual assistant. That didn’t mean I didn’t have the skills to do the work. Instead, I had to overcome my imposter syndrome and realize that good things take time.

You do have the skills to work from home as a virtual assistant. Whether you’re coming from a corporate job or straight out of high school, there’s something you learned along the way that you can incorporate into your work as a virtual assistant. And if not, you learn it.

That’s what is so amazing about working as a virtual assistant – there’s no degree required. You can learn everything you possibly need to know with a course like 90 Day VA. There’s nothing wrong with upgrading your current skills

It’s easy to say not to be so hard on yourself, but you are more ready than you think. Everyone is their harshest critic.

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You Are Where You Need to Be

I’ve seen so many of my students apply for jobs, and either don’t hear back or the company has moved forward with someone else. They get discouraged and start doubting themselves and their abilities.

Don’t get me wrong – it’s a natural feeling to be discouraged, but know that it doesn’t determine who you are as a person or a virtual assistant. 

You didn’t get that job? Fine, what can you do better next time? 

Remember, not everyone is the right fit for you and vice versa. 

My advice is to look at it from their point of view. If you were hiring someone for your business (because you WILL get to that point), would you hire someone you didn’t mesh with? No.

Would you hire someone with the skills that you don’t already need? No. 

Every business owner has their requirements they need to meet. If you get discouraged by every job that turns you away, it will be a real struggle for you. It’s unneeded stress and mental energy that you can use for something much better. 

It’s all part of running a business. Take each rejection as a lesson to learn from and keep going. You’ll thank that business later for not hiring you because by then, you will have never found that dream client or that dream job!

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Being an entrepreneur is no easy feat, and as a beginner, mindset work is essential for getting in the right headspace. The first step would be to stop telling yourself that you won’t find a job as a virtual assistant before you even try. 

Get out there and apply, my friend! If you need help putting your resume together, check out my Remote Resume Blueprint

Know that the rejections will come no matter what, but if you’re prepared to learn from them, you’re more than halfway there!

There are plenty of opportunities for you to find work. I even send out remote job postings with our Weekly Remote Job Pack to help you find legit online jobs. 

You can also learn more about becoming a virtual assistant with my FREE masterclass, or you can join the waitlist to enroll in 90 Day VA. The course opens back up in October.

Just remember this – You WILL find that job, and I’m not talking about just ANY job. I’m talking about your DREAM job. It’s out there! But it all starts with believing in yourself. You got this!

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