What the First Few Months of 90 Day VA Will Actually Look Like

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You did it! You took the first step in following your dreams. You’ve signed up for the 90 Day VA course or you’re seriously considering joining! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

We are so excited for you, but…. now what?

Are you wondering what now? Where should I start before I can build my dream, work from home career? 

Like any good thing, it doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and effort and only you can MAKE IT HAPPEN.

We wanted to give you a little insight from our own real, first-hand experience into the #reality of building your online, work from home, pay the bills, create your own schedule career. 

There will be challenges but YOU have what it takes. Let’s dive right in! 

Create a Schedule You Can Stick To

For some, the idea of creating a schedule and sticking to it gives us warm, fuzzy feelings of joy. For others, not so much.

We’ve made schedules we haven’t stuck to in the past, and now we’ve got a million things going on and we just hope we will somehow fit in learning new skills somewhere, somehow. 

I hear you, I feel you and I’ll admit that I have totally been both of you. I thrive when I have a schedule but I also don’t really love having one either. 

The first few modules, you are going to want to dive in and get started like the moment you get access and that is great. Get yourself acquainted and used to the style of teaching. 

Trust me, listening to Esther share all her golden nuggets of information will have you glued to your screen.

Take notes from the start and DON’T be discouraged if you have to rewatch something more than once (or twice or more.) 

Remember, the start may seem easier than the middle or the end. That’s why having a defined time to work on your coursework each day or week will help.

You can see beforehand how long each video will take, so block out that time on the days you want to work on the course, plus some more for stopping and taking notes.

You may want to add time for replaying a concept as well. Then add in some time for the homework. 

Most modules have a homework assignment to build up your portfolio. So do these homework assignments. They will inspire you and help get you prepared for working with clients.

Woman working on laptop with coffee

Putting in the Work

I mean, it’s work, so expect to do the work and see the success. 

I suggest you take a short break after each module and try and get the homework started as soon as you can. At least start!

Some homework assignments are easier and quicker to work through than others (we all have different strengths) and some will take you longer and will feel harder. 

Don’t sit in your “stuckness” for too long, talk about, step back or move onto the next assignment and get back to it later. 

Just don’t spend days or weeks stuck on one thing when there are so many more modules at your fingertips that may just help you get unstuck.

Creating the homework document and brainstorming your ideas will make you feel like you are getting things done and this sense of accomplishment goes a long way. 

Again, it’s up to you but fortunately, you do have support in the private Facebook group when you join 90 Day VA. That is an incredible motivator!

Engaging with Our 90 Day VA Community

This is vital. This community is here for US! It’s truly where I was able to get encouragement (and give it), and where I met and made some awesome VA friends and accountability partners.

I got my first 2 jobs through the group and I was just blown away by all the different styles and talents of VAs out there.

I also got to see that there is a space for all of us and we ALL have something to offer. We don’t have to be like everyone else. That is freeing and exciting and special, so embrace it. 

All this to say I cannot leave out that you need to get yourself involved.

Check in with the group for a few minutes daily. Comment, ask, and answer questions. Use the group to share your homework. It’s the best place to get constructive feedback. 

Be a part of the community and build one another up as we are all working through this journey with different struggles and strengths.

woman working on laptop on bed

Believing in Yourself, Even when it Gets Tough. 

Girl, I’ll just say it straight. You will feel like you can’t do it at some point in the journey. It’s new and different, and there is a lot to learn. But guess what? 

You can totally do it!

I had no idea what I was doing at first, but I didn’t give up or stop moving through the course and kept adding to my skills.

Now I m working fulltime as a VA, thanks to Esther and the 90 Day Va course, and of course the beautiful, boss babe encouragers I met in the Facebook community. I also continue to learn from my amazing clients.

Signing up for the 90 Day VA course was the best thing I did. It’s been hard work and I’ve had challenges implementing new skills at times, but I am doing it and learning more every day! I still reference the modules consistently in my jobs these days.

There will be challenges but YOU have what it takes, and it is so worth it! Working online will give you the freedom and flexibility to create your own schedule and build the life you want.

If you haven’t started your own work from anywhere journey yet, we’ve got you! Esther, CEO, and founder of Virtual Assistant Internship, has taught over 2000 women how to work online as a virtual assistant.

She has created a free masterclass on How To Work From Anywhere As a Virtual Assistant, where she goes over everything you need to know, like what a VA does, how to get started, and more. 

If you’re ready to take the first step and learn a ton of new skills, Esther’s signature course 90 Day VA is open for enrolment all through the month of May

In 90 Day VA, she teaches a variety of skills that are highly in demand by online business owners, like content repurposing, social media management, podcast editing, and so much more. She also goes over all of the information you need on how to legally set up your business and how to get clients. 

Cheers to you and taking the first steps! We cannot wait to join you on your journey!

Chelsea James headshot

Chelsea James is originally from South Africa and works as a virtual assistant to creative entrepreneurs. She specializes in Content repurposing, Social Media and Podcast Management as well as many backend organizational tasks that help simplify the workload for her clients, so they can focus on building their businesses. 

She is a content intern for Virtual Assistant Internship and a student of 90 Day VA. Chelsea and her New Yorker husband currently live between South Africa and New York. When she is not working you can find her doing yoga, paddle boarding and enjoying a good cup of coffee with her precious family.  

For more information about Chelsea’s virtual assistant services, click HERE. To follow Chelsea’s travels through Instagram, click HERE.

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2 thoughts on “What the First Few Months of 90 Day VA Will Actually Look Like”

  1. Elizabeth J Jackson

    This is so informative and encouraging, I have a much better understanding of what
    VA is ~ thank you Chelsea

  2. Hi there
    My name is Grace and I have recently signed up for 90day VA class.
    Am inexperienced in working virtually and I really don’t know where to start.
    I live in south Africa but originally from Kenya.
    Please help me.

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