Why You Should Join The Work From Anywhere Revolution

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join work from anywhere revolution

There’s a movement happening that you are not only invited to attend, but we want to roll out the red carpet for you.

This movement is full of every kind of woman. Everyone that is saying NO to the status quo of expectations we were raised with. 

Can you travel AND have kids? — YES. 

Can you do what you love and have a life beyond your spouse’s career or children? — YEP. 

Can you skip college and still make an incredible income working from anywhere in the world? — HELL YEAH.

I’m not just the random CEO+Founder of Virtual Assistant Internship. I was a military wife, Mom and career woman who realized there was NO WAY I could do it all with my husband being gone all the time. Then my son and I had to leave my husband after he exited the military with severe mental health issues that made it unsafe for us to stay together. Thanks to being able to work virtually  I was able to pick up and start our full time travel life based in Bali. 

Justyn isn’t some chick that writes our weekly job emails and manages the Facebook Group. She had blown through her savings after 2 years of full time travel. She found herself stuck in Bali broke and no idea she could use her skills to work online and continue traveling. 

Maile is more then just a group member. She’s a cancer survivor and Mom that continues to have to deal with medical issues. She didn’t know she could work virtually with an illness (without having to resort to selling things to friends or completing surveys). 

Amber is a single Mom that knew there was more to life then just being broke in dead end jobs…but just didn’t know what that thing was. 

Friends, I invite you to live a life without rules. To create a life for yourself that you’ve designed beyond what everyone else expects of you. Above what books, papers and TV shows have said is ‘normal’.

YOU are the reason we do what we do. Why we spend time scouring the internet for legit virtual jobs every week…so you can SEE what’s truly possible and get going asap.

To help bridge the gap we pour our time and energy into running these online programs tailored to where we see you need help and exactly what we know is being hired for online RIGHT NOW.

Working online is about more then just money to us, it’s about FREEDOM and I’d love to invite you to join the work from anywhere revolution happening around the world right now.

I have a free class about how to get started using skills you already have (or can easily learn), I’d love to invite you to enroll by clicking  HERE

Most of you said you wanted to be able to travel and work from anywhere but I know there are more ‘Ambers’, ‘Mailes’ and fellow military wives here that just desire some income from home. We see you. We are here to help.

Many years ago God told me I was going to be doing something BIG. 

And I’ve finally realized, running these programs and helping all of you design lives you love is it. 

YOU are my life’s work.

Can’t wait to see you live in class!




Virtual Assistant Internship

PS remember to enroll in my free class via messenger by clicking HERE

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