Why You Shouldn’t Wait to ‘Feel Ready’ to Join 90 Day VA

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Why You Shouldn't Wait to 'Feel Ready' to Join 90 Day VA

Are you contemplating joining 90 Day VA, but you haven’t pulled the trigger yet? If you’re here, that means that you’re interested, but something is holding you back. I know it’s a big step. It’s an unknown, and that can be scary. 

But guess what? If you don’t, you’re going to stay right where you are. And you’re probably not researching other options because you love your current situation.

Take a moment to visualize your dream life. Imagine your perfect day. Are you seeing yourself working a 9-to-5 for someone else, commuting, spending time away from your family, or unable to do the things that you love? Probably not, right? (If it is, that’s totally fine too!) 

If your dream life looks more like having full control over when you work, how much you do, who you work with, and how much you earn, then you’re in the right place. If you’re looking for more freedom to spend time with loved ones or travel the world, keep on reading! 

That dream life is not going to happen by itself though. You’ve got to do something to make that happen. It’s possible for anyone, but YOU have to take that step.

One of the things you have to do if working as a virtual assistant sounds like your dream life is learning the most in-demand skills that business owners are looking for. Once you master those, you can make a real online work career out of them. A course like 90 Day VA will teach you those skills and everything else you need to know to be successful online. 

But don’t wait until you ‘feel ready’ to join. The reality is that you probably never will feel totally ready. You have to take a leap of faith (in yourself!) because nobody else can do that for you. 

Trust me, if you’re determined to do the work, you put in the time, and you’re passionate about making this your new career, then it’s possible! So let’s take a look at all those factors why you shouldn’t wait to ‘feel ready’ to join 90 Day VA! 

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Why Joining 90 Day VA Seems Scary

Starting something new is scary. It always is. I still struggle with starting new things, even after all these years. But there’s a secret to it! 

You should know that it’s the fault of your brain. The human brain is wired to keep us safe, and the only thing it knows that is safe is what it’s familiar with. That’s why you feel nervous or scared when you’re trying something new. Your brain is trying to protect you from taking a step into potentially dangerous territory.

If you always listen to your brain trying to keep you in familiar territory, you’ll stay stuck in your current lifestyle that is either making you unhappy or isn’t what you dreamed of doing. 

You might not feel ready to make a big change. And that’s exactly what is keeping you stuck in that same old job, in the same old town, in the same old routine.

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What Does ‘Feeling Ready’ Even Mean?

You’d have to determine that for yourself. Nobody can tell you what ‘feeling ready’ really feels like. But let me tell you. You don’t have to feel ready to take a new step, to go on a new adventure, or to live your dream life. You just need to make it happen.

The good news is that you CAN rewire your brain. 

Once you’re conscious of how your brain is trying to keep you safe, you can determine if that new step is truly dangerous or if it’s just new. And if you start applying this question to everything you’re scared of, you’ll find that many of your fears are just stopping you from doing new things that could benefit you. 

If you’re here researching, you obviously want to work online as a virtual assistant. You have the motivation, but how do you set yourself up for success if you’re not feeling totally comfortable signing up for 90 Day VA just yet?

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What You Should Be Doing Instead of Waiting to ‘Feel Ready’

Rewiring your brain takes time, and even if you manage to, you might still not feel completely ready to join 90 Day VA (or take any other new step). Just know that that’s okay. If you ask around in our members-only Facebook group, most women will tell you that they didn’t feel ready. It’s very normal to feel nervous about a new beginning. 

But they didn’t wait, and neither should you. Don’t waste time that you could be using to learn new skills and build your career. You’d only regret that later.

If you want to be extra prepared, there are a few things you could do before you join in setting yourself up for success. 

1. Find Your Why

It’s SO important to know why you want to work online and make that big change. It’s what is going to keep you motivated when things get tough. 

  • Is it because you want to able to attend every milestone with your kids? 
  • Do you want to move across the country/world to be closer to family? 
  • Maybe you want your own career while you’re always relocating for your spouse? (I feel you, military spouses!) 
  • Do you want to travel the world? 
  • Or something else? There are no wrong answers here! 

There are so many reasons to want a work-from-anywhere career, but nobody can tell you what your reason is. You need to figure out your “why,” so you can use it in your journey. 

It’s going to help you so much if you’ve thought about this already. Realistically, you will probably have a challenging moment in your journey. We all have. 

As long as you know exactly why you’re learning how to work as a virtual assistant, you’ll be able to get through any tough spot! 

That’s why I’ve included a mindset series in 90 Day VA that will go over finding your “why,” and some other mindset issues I see my students struggle with. I want all of my students to succeed, including you!

On top of that, we have an awesome community of students that are all there to help you out when things get tough, so you never have to do this alone!  

2. Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

Maybe you’re already following some VAs on Instagram. Or you’re looking around in Facebook groups. They’re probably talking about things you’ve never heard of. 

Guess what!? They’ve been doing this for a while. They’ve already taken the courses and put in the time to learn the skills. They’ve Googled, and YouTube’d their way through questions. And now they’re showing off what they know. 

That could totally be you in the future. But don’t compare yourself to them right now! Be realistic: You’re at the start of your journey, while they’re way ahead of you. 

The comparison game can truly set you back and make you doubt your own capabilities. Use those people as inspiration instead, as a goal of where you’d love to be in X years. 

Everybody takes their own path in life at a pace that’s good for them. Just make sure that you’re the driver of your own car so that you get to decide where your journey takes you. And be kind to yourself along the way. 

3. Take The Leap!

Now that you know your “why” and see where you want to go, you need to take action. You need to make that decision that will lead you to the life that you want. 

If your brain is still telling you that maybe this isn’t for you, that you can’t do this or that you’re not ready, then you need to take a breath and do it anyway. 

Every time your brain brings up doubts or fears, you can tell it the following: “Thank you for bringing that up, I hear you, but this is something good that I’m doing for myself.” Find your own inner monologue that works for you and will allow you to take those steps. You can apply this to any decision in your life! 

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Give Yourself the Chance to Live the Life You Want

If you’re motivated and determined, then you will nail 90 Day VA! It’s okay if you’re starting from scratch with zero skills. It’s also great if you already have some admin or social media capabilities, but you’re not sure how to apply them. 

90 Day VA is here to teach you all those in-demand skills you need to know to be a successful virtual assistant. I’ve also included a very comprehensive VA Starter Pack that will help you find clients, figure out your pricing, and other things you need to know to run your own VA biz! 

The course is set up to help you succeed. But you have to make it happen. 

The simple answer is: if you wait until you feel ready, you will never join. 

So if you want to be a VA, take the leap. Join the course and give yourself that chance to change your life.

Still a little unsure on 90 Day VA? You can also check out my free masterclass on what a virtual assistant is and what they do. 

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