50+ In-Demand Online Services You Can Offer as a Virtual Assistant in 2020

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So you’re probably here because you are considering taking the plunge to become a virtual assistant (VA), or simply wondering how you can make yourself more marketable as an existing virtual assistant.

The good news is that there are sooooo many services you can offer clients that will make you:

  1. stand out from the crowd and
  2. ensure your clients never want to let you go!

From regular administrative tasks like data entry and email management to higher-end skills like video editing and graphic design, virtual assistants DO IT ALL!

And the best part? It’s all remote, so business owners don’t have to worry about paying for an office space for you to come and complete these tasks. Actually, scratch that. The best part is that YOU get to do these tasks from virtually ANYWHERE!

Curious about working from home but not sure how to start?

I’ve got a FREE class that walks through ALL the basics of working from home plus comes with a fun, free bonus!

 So let’s not waste time, here are 50+ in-demand online services that you can offer as a virtual assistant in 2020!

Administrative Services You Can Offer as a VA

Administrative services usually require minimal skills, but they’re also the jobs that so many businesses procrastinate on. Why? Because they’re so darn tedious and time-consuming! Still, someone’s gotta do ‘em! 

hands typing on computer

Luckily for you, you can offer these services while sipping on a margarita poolside halfway across the world.

Keep in mind, though, that these services should not be the only ones you are offering as a VA, otherwise you’ll be competing with hundreds of other VA’s applying for the same jobs. 

When you combine admin skills with those from other categories in this blog, however, you become a Jill of all trades, making you that much more desirable to businesses and entrepreneurs.

1. Data entry

Data entry is exactly what it sounds like– entering data from paper, audio, or digital documents into a business’s chosen system. Data entry requires very little skill, but nevertheless, it is still one of the most important basic skills that you can offer as a VA. 

2. Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping is ALL about maintaining the finances of a business. Some of the responsibilities of bookkeeping you can take over as a VA include generating invoices and following up on payments, issuing refunds, paying employees and contractors, and preparing balance sheets and tax documents. A lot of this is pretty tedious for the boss but imperative for the business! 

3. Email management

In a world where digital communication has taken over, many potential clients are struggling to find an important email. You know. You’ve been there, entrepreneur or not! 

Your potential client will probably ask you to work through the clutter to create folders and sort emails into them, reply to customer inquiries, create email templates, or reply on your client’s behalf.  

4. Customer support

It has become the norm to expect speedy replies and immediate support executed with a smile and a kind word. Naturally,  if a customer is spending money at a company, they’d like to know the company cares about their business and experience with the product!

Hubspot lists that 90% of Americans also use customer service as a determining factor when it comes to deciding on doing business with a company. If that doesn’t show how important good customer support is, note that 49% of Americans took action and switched companies in 2019 due to customer support.

Why not help your clients retain consumers and possibly gain new ones by offering the simple service of responding to customer feedback, questions, and inquiries whether through email or other web-based chat technologies.

5. Manage Email Lists

Considering that email marketing has the highest ROI compared to other marketing efforts, it’s important that businesses are capitalizing on their strategies.

One of the most important things a business can do to ensure their email marketing is giving them the highest ROI is to make sure their email lists are clean and reaching the right customers at the right frequencies.

Managing email lists for a business will take research to ensure you are using the best practices up to date, but some of the responsibilities of managing email lists will include cleaning up old/invalid emails, fixing addresses with typos and removing duplicates, re-engaging users, and making the subscriber’s experience hassle-free.

6. Client calendar management

Clients who rely on face-to-face business meetings find it difficult to keep track between meetings AND find new business.

Your responsibility in this role is to set up the client with a scheduling platform such as iCal or Google Calendar and use it to schedule all of their meetings, send reminders (to your client as well as whoever they are meeting), reschedule appointments, schedule events, and confirm appointments. Like most admin services, it is simple but powerful.

7. Creating presentations

Any client you work for will at some point be tasked with giving a presentation. For many of your clients, this will be a very common, recurring thing. Also for many clients, creating a presentation with their talking points will be the last thing on their to-do list.

In fact, a 2018 survey found that 47% of its respondents spent 8 OR MORE hours creating their presentations! By offering this service, you can save business owners and entrepreneurs a TON of time!

Your role will be to compile your client’s talking points into a visually appealing presentation using software such as PowerPoint, Prezi, Google Slides, etc. 

8. Personal shopping

Business owners and entrepreneurs are people just like us– they have kids’ birthday parties, anniversaries, and personal needs of their own. Unlike many of us, they may not have the time to do these simple tasks during business hours.

Your client can depend on you to do their shopping — from ordering gifts to booking their travel. Anything that can be bought online (which nowadays is LITERALLY ANYTHING), you can purchase on their behalf.

9. Creating basic reports

Gimme the facts, stat! 

Reports with statistics show great insight into the daily operations of an entrepreneur’s company. Compiling basic reports such as completion of weekly tasks, sales, or deliveries can offer your client invaluable information about how their business is doing.

10. Transcription services

Despite our love of audio, sometimes you just need the cold, hard facts (or truth, conversation…you get the gist) written down. 

Transcription is simply converting speech into text. It is very popular in the medical and legal fields, as both fields require word-for-word documentation of discourse. For these fields especially, you may need some knowledge of industry-specific jargon to be successful. Nevertheless, it is a valuable skill that requires a good ear and fast typing. Transcription services can also translate to transcribing podcast episodes.

11. Helping with the hiring process

Hiring new workers is a task all in itself. A business owner must create a job posting, sift through resumes, conduct initial phone interviews, and finally schedule an in-person interview. 

It’s a long process to find the perfect person to join the team, and once again, it is very time-consuming. As a VA, you can streamline this process by taking care of all of these steps and only forwarding the resume and contact information of applicants who meet the client’s requirements and expectations. 

12. Tracking and reporting metrics

Calling all number geeks!

Analytics help a client to keep track of ROI (return on investment), but they’re also very time-consuming. By tracking website analytics such as the views and demographics, you can generate monthly, quarterly, and yearly reports for your client and provide them with critical insights into their marketing strategies. 

Design Services You Can Offer as a VA

Design services require more skill than admin services, but many times you can learn the basics through YouTube videos or tutorials offered through software programs. 

“But don’t I need to, like, go to college and learn all of this techy design stuff!?”

Let’s be honest: most small businesses don’t need a graphic designer to create their graphics. More often than not, these businesses need lite graphic design to create simple graphics for social media posts or a logo.

And guess what?! ALL of these things can be taught online in programs like 90 DAY VA for a (SUPER SMALL) fraction of the cost of a college degree… AND they automatically boost your earning potential. 

laptop on bed typing

13. Graphic design

Poor graphic design can be detrimental to a business; studies show that 94% of consumers will abandon a website that has poor graphics. 

You can easily begin creating graphics with the free version of services like Canva. This will allow you to offer clients lite graphic design and upscale your skills. 

All you need to offer some lite graphic design is a good eye for detail, some knowledge in color theory (Google it!), and typography, and you’ll be creating aesthetically appealing graphics for clients in no time! In Canva alone, you can create visually appealing social media posts, banners, cover pages, resumes, and SO much more.

14. Web design

New businesses or even simply businesses looking to rebrand may need to hire someone to either launch their website or redesign it. This is where you as a virtual assistant can come in. From designing websites and blogs to e-books and logos, web design is a thriving niche for virtual assistants.

15. Design & create social media graphics

Social media has become SUCH an important way of reaching and communicating with the consumer. Business owners create content, but they can’t be bothered with promoting that content on social media channels, too.

Of course, promoting is one thing (which we’ll get to later in this post), whereas creating an appealing graphic that will stop the consumer from scrolling is another. This is where you can shine if you have a good idea of what target demographics like to see and can design and create visuals that can accompany social media posts on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and more.

16. Raw CSS/HTML coding

The beauty of offering this service is that you don’t have to worry about being a native English speaker to offer coding! HTML, CSS, and virtually all coding languages are the same regardless of where you live or what your mother tongue is. If you’re fluent in coding language, offer this service to code for plugins, website modifications, etc.

 If you’re interested in learning code, you can find tutorials online as well as classes that can help you get started.

17. Formatting ebooks

As self-publishing becomes more and more common, authors are seeing the need for virtual assistants who can properly format their ebooks for publication. If you specialize in ebook formatting or if you’ve ever published an ebook yourself, this can be a great service to offer budding authors who are looking to self publish. 

You will need to know which layouts work best, which fonts are preferred, and how to place footnotes/endnotes so they don’t appear out of place on the pages, among other things. 

18. Formatting newsletters

You know those emails you receive from companies about all of their sales and events going on at a specific time? Yupp, someone not only had to write those long emails, they had to format them so they look appealing and not cumbersome to read.

Believe it or not, email marketing, which includes sending out periodic newsletters, gets $35 to $40 back for every dollar that is invested in email. You can be a huge service to business providers by simply offering to format their newsletters.

19. Formatting and uploading blog posts

It doesn’t stop at books and newsletters, though! Businesses and entrepreneurs who have their own blogs ALSO need their blogs to be uploaded and formatted in a way that– you guessed it– looks appealing. That means no broken links, no blocks of text that have no end, nice fonts and graphic placement, etc.

20. Sourcing stock photos

It’s no surprise that visuals are important. We already know from our days in school that we learn and remember best when visuals accompany text. That need translates to marketing as well. 

A 2018 social media marketing report wrote that 51% of B2B marketers actually PRIORITIZE creating visuals as part of their marketing strategy, while 80% of marketers acknowledge using visuals in their marketing. 

No matter which business you’re working for, you’ll definitely be an asset if you can source quality royalty-free photos. Our favorite websites include free ones like Unsplash, and paid sites such as Death to the Stock Photo and Haute Stock

21. Create/design a landing page

Landing pages are web pages that have been created specifically for ONE call to action. Whereas typical web pages may have multiple links and distractions, a landing page is a web page that focuses on one goal, increasing the chances of sales and/or leads. Offer your clients the service of creating a land page for their main goal(s), and see how your worth skyrockets!

Writing Services You Can Offer as a VA

Do you LOVE to write? Are you the person who can write a thousand words on any given topic? If so, then why not put that passion and skill to use as a VA?

Writing services are always in demand for any business. Whether you’re looking to write some technical manuals for a company or thoughts on a more creative topic you’re passionate about, there’s a blogger and/or company seeking both!

Check out the following services you can offer as a VA. Again, these are the types of services that require a bit more skill, but not necessarily a college degree. 

laptop notebook writing

22. Ghostwriting

No, you’re not writing with Casper the friendly ghost, silly! Ghostwriting is the ability to adapt your client’s voice and write content in their tone.

According to HubSpot, 55% of marketers prioritize blog content creation, but because your client may have great thoughts and ideas but little time to execute them, they might hire you to provide this service. 

It’s a bit more difficult than it might first seem, so don’t be surprised if you offer the service and your first few pieces get major criticism from the client. Don’t take it personally. 

Instead, try to learn their voice by reading other content they’ve posted and implementing their feedback. Sometimes reading it aloud and trying to imitate their voice or personality (as silly as it sounds) can help! 

23. Blog writing

Blogging or blog writing is another way you can put your writing skills to work. A business or entrepreneur can ask you to write a blog on a given topic or to research a topic and then write about it. 

Whether or not you are given credit for the blog you write depends on what the client is looking for. If a client is looking for you to come up with ideas and topics and publish them under their name, you’ll have to put in some ghostwriting abilities and make sure you sound the way the client does.

If a client asks you to write on a topic because of your expertise in a certain niche, they’ll probably want to credit you. This is ideal for VAs who are experts in their niches or are coming to the field with existing knowledge based on their prior experience and/or schooling. 

24. Proofreading

If you have a way with grammar, syntax, sentence structure, etc, this may be something you want to offer clients. Even though services like Grammarly exist, even a computer algorithm doesn’t have the same skills you do. 

You can look out for grammar like an algorithm, yes, but you can also ensure your client is on topic, varying their sentence structure, and communicating their ideas clearly and concisely to their audience.

25. Writing podcast show notes

Writing show notes for a podcast is not the same thing as transcribing the audio word-for-word. Writing show notes requires a different skill so that you’re not only offering a summary of the talking points, you’re also extending the conversation and reminding listeners to check out links, products, or resources mentioned in the podcast.

26. Prepping training manuals for new staff/members

If you’re good at breaking instructions and contents down into topics, subtopics, and even steps, this might be a good service to offer. Bigger businesses that are constantly employing new hires might need a training manual created. 

That means the client will give you all of the policies, procedures, etc and you have to present them in a manual that is easy to read and understand. It’s less coming up with new content and more organizing and presenting existing content. 

27. Researching blog posts

Perhaps your client isn’t interested in having you write. Maybe they’re perfectly happy writing their own articles and imbuing them with their own voice. Nevertheless, they can’t be an expert on EVERY topic, and research shows that articles with facts and statistics improve consumer trust. 

So what CAN you provide? The legwork that goes into writing the article, of course! You can take the topic that your client wants to write about and give them a detailed outline of the most recent facts, statistics, and sources that they will be able to use and incorporate in their article to boost trust and credibility with their readers. 

28. Content repurposing

How many times a day (or week) do your favorite bloggers, influencers, businesses post? Multiple, for sure! Now, do you think they’re creating new content EVERY SINGLE DAY? Of course not! They’d never have any time to do anything else. 

Instead, they create one piece of content– a video, blog post, podcast episode, etc, and then have someone repurpose it into different marketing posts. This is where you come in as the VA. 

You might take a blog post and repurpose it into 10 different social media posts that will be posted throughout the week. Or, perhaps you’ll take a podcast episode and repurpose it into a blog post. See how that works? The entrepreneur makes ONE piece of content, while the VA makes multiple out of the one.

29. Writing and optimizing social media bios

Social media has almost become a science now. Even something as simple as a bio on Facebook or Instagram that can have a 150 – 160 character limit, there is SOO much thought and research that goes into making sure a brand has the BEST bio that will attract consumers.

 From visual appeal to including strategic keywords and hashtags, offering this service as a VA will surely give your remote resume a boost!

Editing Services You Can Offer as a VA

Editing is the process of reviewing the piece of material a client has created and preparing it for publication by correcting or modifying it in different ways. If you’re someone who is tech-savvy and knows her way around editing software, the following services just might need to be added onto your remote resume.

At some point, you’ll probably need to take some sort of online course or program if you’re looking to niche into any of these. But, if you’re not totally sure if this is something you’d want to invest in, you can always start by offering simple edits and take a class when you’re ready to venture into new grounds in editing. Take a look at the possibilities:

woman typing on laptop

30. Video editing

There’s A LOT that goes into the videos we see daily on social media and websites. Recording a video is a task all on its own, but getting the content ready for publication? PHEW! It’s enough to scare many away from offering the service. 

If cleaning up content is your game, though, there’s a lot of simple services you can offer in video editing that don’t require a ton of schooling and degrees. For instance, you can offer to:

  • edit footage for quality and color;
  • add subtitles;
  • insert narrations, music, dialogue;
  • add intros and outros,
  • edit the order of video clips; etc. 

31. Podcast editing

It seems like everyone and their mom has a podcast nowadays, am I right?! According to the most current research and statistics, there are over 700,000 active podcasts and more than 29 MILLION episodes! 

If you love to listen to podcasts and want to get in on the process, you don’t have to start one yourself. Instead, you can offer your potential clients the service of editing their podcasts to include intros and outros, music, ads, and clean up those bloopers and or dead silence. 

32. Audio editing

In addition to video and podcast editing, you can also offer audio editing. This is a similar scope to podcast editing, but the audio may be music, interviews, narrations, etc. 

Social Media Services You Can Offer

There are over 3.7 BILLION active social media users who, on average, spend 3 hours a day on their mobile phones scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, etc liking posts and making purchases based on a celebrity’s (or influencer’s) recommendations.

If you’re going to work online, you’d be a fool not to tap into the services you can offer businesses on social media. 

33. Social media management

“Social media management? How does one ‘manage’ a social media account?”

If you haven’t already noticed, most businesses and entrepreneurs have social media accounts. In fact, you’re probably already following at least a few of them yourself. 

The reason businesses have hopped on the social media bandwagon is because of its ability to expose their products and offerings to customers. As much as 54% of customers use social media to research products

Unfortunately, while fun to browse on your own time, it can become difficult for an already busy entrepreneur to manage and optimize their existing social media accounts so that they are engaging with the right audience.

That’s where you, the VA, comes in. By offering social media management, you can take the task of exposing your client’s business through social media. You would be responsible for tasks such as:

  • setting up branded accounts,
  • scheduling updates,
  • creating original content,
  • setting up scheduling tools to schedule posts, and possibly even
  • interacting with followers. 
phone hearts social media

Social media management is an important and crucial aspect of a business, and by offering this service, you can help your client’s business thrive. If you do decide to offer this service, be sure you look up and study the best practices for posting on each platform.  

34. Social media engagement

While having social media accounts for a business increases its exposure, making sure a business engages with its followers can be the key to whether or not customers choose to do business with it.

By interacting with followers, businesses form relationships with customers. When these relationships are positive– such as are formed through liking comments and replying to customer inquiries with a positive tone — customers are more likely to become loyal to the brand.

As a VA, you can offer your clients to engage with their followers by replying to comments, direct messages, and so on to create those positive relationships and experiences for customers.

 Social media engagement can be offered as part of your package of social media management, or as a separate service if you’re not looking to offer social media support beyond customer interaction.

35. Scheduling social media posts

This is another service that can be offered in your social media management package or as a standalone service. 

Most businesses don’t post new content daily. In fact, they usually create one piece of content that someone (possibly a VA) then repurposes into multiple posts, which are then scheduled on a service like Buffer to post throughout the week.

36. Online community moderating

If you’ve ever requested to join a Facebook group, you may have been asked to agree to some group rules or promise that you won’t post off-topic. Once accepted, you may have noticed there are moderators assigned who have to approve posts, delete inappropriate ones, remove trolls and members who are constantly breaking the rules, and generally oversee that the group is functioning as it should while maintaining a positive environment.

This is a service you can offer as a VA, too. Moderating an online community is similar to moderating a real community… except, well, you can’t arrest anyone… but you CAN block them. 

If enforcing the laws (rules) of an online community sounds right up your alley and you’re willing to sacrifice handcuffs for a block button, you should consider offering to moderate your client’s Facebook page or group. 

37. Pinterest Management

With roughly 320 MILLION monthly active users, Pinterest is becoming harder and harder for business owners to ignore. Social media users are constantly turning to Pinterest to shop, find inspiration, plan social activities, and much more! Pinterest is FULL of untapped potential for business owners, and if you know your way around pins and boards, you should look into becoming a Pinterest manager.

Of course, being a Pinterest manager requires more than simply creating a few boards as you do on your personal account. You’re going to need to take a course and learn all about how to optimize profiles, boards, and pins as well as how to drive traffic to a client’s site. Investing in Pinterest management courses, however, can really up your earning potential as more and more businesses look to outsource their social media marketing to VAs.

38. Creating social media posts

Do you spend hours taking the perfect picture and even more time pouring over the perfect caption? If so, you could put that dedication toward offering your clients the service of creating their social media posts.

Obviously, you wouldn’t spend time posting selfies of yourself, but you WOULD be looking for the perfect image to match their content, designing it a bit to fit their brand, and then posting it with a crafty caption that not only engages the audience but is also SEO. 

Other Online Services You Can Offer as a VA

The following services don’t neatly fit into the above categories, but that doesn’t make them any less worthwhile.

Take a look at what else you can be offering your clients in 2020:

laptop phone notebook

39. HR Management

For small businesses that don’t have the budget for an onsite HR department or even companies who simply need more manpower to complete HR tasks, a remote HR VA can be the answer they need.

An HR VA can have a variety of responsibilities, including recruiting and hiring, recording employee information, communicating benefit information to employees, payroll duties, and obtaining necessary information as required by law. 

40. General podcast support

If you’re not interested in editing podcasts themselves, but still love listening to them and would like to offer a service in general podcast support, here’s your chance!

According to a study done by Edison Research, about 17% of marketers are planning on adding podcasting to their marketing strategies within the next year.

That means many businesses who are already busy with other marketing efforts will need to employ people (aka VAs) who can offer the following services: producing interview leads, communicating with guests, setting up interviews for the podcast, doing research on the guest to brief your client on; researching sponsors, uploading the podcasts, and much more.

41. Event planning

Event planning can be a great service to offer if you’re highly organized and know how to manage a long-term project. 

Event organizing as a VA will require tasks such as agenda planning and event management, public relations, event coordination, staff management, and budget management. Because the success of an event rests on everything going according to plan, you must be able to juggle multiple responsibilities at once as well as have good written and oral communication skills.

42. Travel assistant

Traveling can be exhausting, and preparing to travel can be even more stressful. From booking hotels, flights, and transport to ensuring your flights are on track and, if canceled, rescheduled in a timely manner can all be a feat.

Can you imagine a business owner or entrepreneur trying to manage all of this all the while preparing for a business trip? 

By offering your client to be a client’s travel assistant, you can take a lot of stress off their shoulders by ensuring their flights are scheduled with the best deals and offers in mind so they don’t break the bank. Additionally, if a flight is canceled or otherwise needs to be rescheduled, offering them the peace of mind that “you’re on it” can really set you apart from other assistants. 

43. Setting up an online store

Nearly HALF of small business owners STILL don’t have an online store set up!

With an estimated 2.05 BILLION global digital buyers in 2020, businesses that don’t invest in expanding into the global market will be left behind in the dust!

Nevertheless, setting up an online store is A LOT OF WORK! From registering a domain name to uploading all of the products and their images, descriptions, etc, small business owners just don’t have the time to set up an online store when they’re still trying to keep up with the demands of a physical store!

Offer small business owners and entrepreneurs your time and skills to set up their online store. This can be HOURS of work, but yield a ton of profit. 

Also, if you do a great job setting it up, they just might keep you on to manage it, as well. 

44. Managing an Online Store

Whether or not you set up a client’s online store, you can offer to manage it for them. After all, once the setup is complete, the work just keeps on coming!

Managing an online store takes a lot of time and patience; SO, while the business owner or entrepreneur works on getting new products for customers to purchase, you can take care of the legwork behind the purchases.

This can include but is not limited to:

  • adding and/or removing listings from the directory,
  • processing and fulfilling orders,
  • processing returns and exchanges,
  • issuing refunds,
  • managing inventory,
  • contacting suppliers and other contractors, and even
  • replying to customer service questions. 

45. Monitoring client and product reviews

No matter how great a business’s marketing strategy is, it won’t get far if the consumer reviews don’t match their touted success. As much as 91% of 18-34-year-old consumers put as much trust in online reviews as personal recommendations. This means that businesses can’t afford to ignore their brand’s mentions online.

Positive reviews are important and fantastic for business, but how a business reacts and responds to negative reviews also speaks volumes. To manage a business’s reputation, it is important to interact with consumers even after they have left a less than favorable review.

After all, a customer with a previous negative experience can still be wooed with stellar customer service (don’t believe me? Just go read through any product reviews on Amazon!). 

Offer your clients to manage their online brand mentions and respond to both positive and negative customer feedback. Compile weekly reports of the most common concerns and praises so your client can move forward with the information about their business’s strengths and shortcomings.

46. Creating and running ad campaigns

It seems you can’t really browse any page– social media or not– without seeing ads. 

Well, those ads aren’t randomly generated. Someone has to write them, design them, and then schedule them to go live to targeted audiences. If you’re interested in offering this service, you will need the following skills (which, as with everything, can be learned):

  • audience segmentation and cloning;
  • designing and writing copy for the ads;
  • optimizing ads by doing research on demographics, targeted audience, and competitors;
  • and more. 

47. SEO optimization

Ever notice how when you Google something, hundreds of results come up, but only the most popular are listed on top? Ever wonder what it takes for a website to even appear on the first page? Does anyone ever even look past the first page?

Some websites pay to be listed on top, but most websites rely on search engine optimization to make it to the top. When a site is search-engine optimized, it gets natural, organic traffic by utilizing the best keywords for the business’s industry. 

As a VA looking to offer SEO, you can help your client by researching the best keywords for their business, researching competitors and their rankings in searches, optimizing their social media and websites with SEO, and periodically analyzing SEO to see what’s working and what needs to be changed.

48. Basic website maintenance

As with everything tech-related, your client’s website will need to be maintained periodically to make sure it is running properly and isn’t slowing down when consumers navigate to it.

According to NeilPatel.com, 40% of people abandon a website that takes longer than 3 seconds to load, and 1-second delays in page loading can result in as much as 7% reduction in conversions. 

Clients wishing to improve their sales will heed these statistics and hire a VA who can offer basic site maintenance such as cleaning up clutter in the form of unwanted pages and drafts, updating plugins, managing security updates and backups, and more.

49. Translating

If you’re bilingual or speak languages other than English, put those skills to use! As in the non-virtual world, translators are a HOT commodity. If you specialize in translation, you can really set yourself apart from other virtual assistants and quickly become an indispensable asset. 

50. Create freebies 

Everyone loves free stuff! My favorite saying is, “if it’s free, it’s for me!” When consumers are offered something for nothing, they automatically form favorable opinions toward the giver, or in this case, the company. 

Additionally, while novice businesses and entrepreneurs may be skeptical to give away free products, psychology shows that people have a more favorable reaction to free things and have been found to even perceive them as more valuable than they actually are. 

As a VA, you can offer to create VALUABLE freebies for customers to help a brand establish value in consumer’s eyes as well as credibility. Any company willing to stand behind their product and give out free trials or freebies will show promise to consumers. 

51. Manage influencer campaigns

Influencers are people with large followings on social media who are paid to promote products to their viewers. Most popular on Instagram, the influencer marketing industry is estimated to grow to 9.7B this year

Moreover, 91% of the 4,000 people surveyed by Influencer Marketing Hub believe that influencer marketing is an effective form of marketing. With numbers skyrocketing as to how influential influencers really are, this marketing opportunity isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

By offering to manage influencer campaigns, you would be responsible for tasks similar to the following: identifying and coordinating with potential influencers for your client’s brand, managing payment, tracking the influencer’s ad campaign, and following up with the results of that campaign. 

And There You Have It!

… that’s 50+ services you can start offering as a VA in 2020. Whether you’re on edge about starting a career as a Virtual Assistant or you’re looking to expand your skills as a current VA, the possibilities are endless. A great VA can save a business owner or entrepreneur time while making them money. 

Remember not to sell yourself short! If any of these skills sound like something you’d like to do but maybe don’t have the necessary skills yet, invest in yourself! Don’t waste your time and skills doing low-paying jobs like cold calling while competing with thousands of other VAs and driving the rates even lower. When you invest in yourself, it pays. 

In the 90 DAY VA program, we’ve seen students start at $15/hr and quickly scale up to $35+/hr as they increased their service offerings!

Still unsure? Need help getting started with this whole online job thing?

We’ve got you covered! If being a virtual assistant sounds even remotely interesting to you, that’s a great place to start. You can enroll in this free class on how to be a VA. You’ll get a free worksheet in addition to all the awesome, helpful information on what exactly a virtual assistant does and if it’s the right fit for you.

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Adriana Strama Virtual Assistant

Adriana is a virtual assistant here to help small business owners and entrepreneurs get back time to work on their creative genius! When she is not helping business owners extend their reach, she’s binge-watching TV shows or taking a catnap.

She’s a member of 90 Day VA and assists with everything from blogging and content repurposing to social media management (with more services being offered soon)! To see all the services she currently offers and how she can help you, check out her website here.

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