4 Easy Steps to Find Your Niche as a Virtual Assistant

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So you’ve started your career as a virtual assistant and you keep applying to some amazing jobs, but you haven’t found any that feel right for you.

Maybe you keep asking yourself why you haven’t landed that dream job or client. You’ve completed the coursework and you rock in EVERY category, but you still can’t seem to find what works for you.

Chances are you haven’t found your niche!

It’s SO easy to feel stuck when you’re first starting out in the virtual world. Not only are you learning new programs and skills to provide for your clients, but you’re also trying to decide what type of clients you want to support or do business with.

By finding your niche, not only will you be able to narrow down the types of clients you want to work with, but it will also help you to perfect the type of virtual work YOU want to be doing.

It is also important to “niche down” because it can give you a unique angle compared to other virtual assistants applying for the same jobs you are. Even if you feel like you already know the direction you want to take your VA business, there are a few steps to really perfect your niche. It will take research, time, and patience, so here are a few tips to help you nail it down.

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Step 1: Stop Focusing on the Money

It’s understandable to want to find a job as soon as you start your online journey – you want to make money, of course!

But rather than focusing on the amount of money you need to make, it is also beneficial to ask yourself about which topics you’re passionate about. The virtual assistant that is as passionate as the client, is MUCH more likely to get hired over someone who doesn’t share the same values!

An easy way to help narrow down your niche is by reminding yourself of who you are and in what sectors you would best benefit your clients. Practice by asking yourself this:

Outside of being a virtual assistant: who are you?

If you LOVE helping the environment, maybe your niche can focus on working with environmental leaders, businesses, or nonprofit organizations. If you were an athlete in high school, maybe there is a local Pop Warner football or cheer team that could use your help with social media marketing.

Just as much as you are looking for the right clients, the clients are also looking for the right virtual assistant! They want someone to care about their mission, too. When you find the type of clients you want to work for, the money will follow.

Keep asking yourself questions until you get down to the closest thing possible.

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Step 2: Find Your “Dream 10” to Narrow Down Your Niche

Another great way to help find your niche is by writing down the dream clients you are already familiar with. Take some time to look through who you follow on Instagram or write down the podcasts you listen to, then make your “Dream 10” list. This list can be anyone who inspires you, like influencers, brands, or businesses.

When doing this, remember to ask yourself, “Are these the types of business owners I want to work with?”

Asking yourself will help you hone in on what type of person or brand you see yourself working for.

After you’ve listed your Dream 10, go over the list and figure out any common themes or styles among the brands. Even if you don’t end up working for anyone on this list, you can always find similar businesses or brands with the same mission.

Rather than applying for every job you find, find the ones that align with your values and goals!

Step 3: Reflect on Your Day-to-Day

As you get started as a VA, you’ll probably begin with tasks that you’re already familiar with or have used in previous jobs. Many people begin their online careers by marketing themselves as a virtual assistant who specializes in administration, but as time passes and skills expand, it is common to become bored with what you’re doing.

There is NO shame in becoming bored, it just means you’re growing into the rockstar VA you’re supposed to become!

While administration skills are a GREAT starting point, it is important to check in with yourself to make sure you’re continuing to enjoy the work you’re doing. As you build skills and sign more clients, there are some questions you can ask yourself to see if the type of work continues to be the right fit for you.

Ask yourself:

  • Are you enjoying the work you’re doing?
  • Can you see yourself doing this forever?
  • Are there any new skills or services you want to learn or offer?
  • Are you settling, or is there room to grow?

Even though you may start in a “lower” position with a client, you can always move towards your dream job later down the line. As your skills grow, it is important to recognize what you’re capable of, as well as begin choosing jobs that fit you better. Not only are you looking for a better fit, but business owners are also!

Instead of applying for every job you come across, go through the skills needed, evaluate the services you offer, and make sure they match up. This is also a good time to check in with yourself to make sure you would be able to do that job for a long period of time.

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Step 4: Think of a Long-Term Niche

Once you’ve gotten the hang of working as a virtual assistant, you will start building on the skills you first began with. As you grow you will figure out what you like and dislike as a VA, which can lead you into an even more specific niche. It’s always important to think of the long term in regards to the services you provide!

  • Have you figured out that you love writing blogs? Maybe in the future, you can go into copywriting.
  • Do you love making graphics on Canva? Maybe you’re a future graphic designer!
  • Are you enjoying the numbers side of your work? Maybe you can go deeper into analytics and data!

Even if you don’t have those skills yet, start thinking ahead!

Not only are you looking for stable and consistent clients, but business owners are looking for longevity from their virtual assistants also. They might hire you at the beginning for smaller tasks or services, but as you grow as a VA, so will your skills. The client is most likely thinking about what else you can offer their business in the future, even if you’re just starting with them a few hours a week.

Remember to pick some things that you can grow with.

So next time you find yourself discouraged that you’re not in the right place yet, take some time to really focus on finding your niche.

Remind yourself that although it’s easy to apply to every job, you shouldn’t always be going for the ones that are the most money. Then, take some time to figure out your Dream 10 list so you can better understand what types of clients or businesses you’re looking for, even if just for some inspiration!

Once you’ve started booking jobs, make sure the work aligns with who you are. Not only should you enjoy the day to day tasks and services, but also think about your future and see if what you’re doing is something you can do in the long term.

Finding your niche will take time and lots of trial and error, so don’t be afraid to start small and build your skills as you go along! Continue to do research around the services or topics that you enjoy, and remember that YOU are in charge of the direction you take your virtual assistant business.

Still aren’t sure where you fit in in the online world?

That’s okay, we’re all learning along the way!

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Kimberly is a virtual assistant here to help support client’s from the behind the scenes. When she’s not working with health and wellness brands, she loves to watch Netflix with her husband, cuddle her Yorkie-Poo, and travel to new countries. She’s a member of 90 Day VA and assists clients with many tasks, like administration, content repurposing, blogging, and podcasting. To see all the services she offers and how she can help you, check out her business page here.

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