3 Secrets to Creating a Balanced Lifestyle Working Online + Traveling

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balanced lifestyle traveling working online

So you have managed to get yourself an incredible remote job allowing you to travel the world full time and live the ultimate dream. But, this is all so new to you and you are struggling to find the right balance between work and travel, then girl, you need to listen up! 

You are constantly finding yourself in exotic new destinations just itching to explore, creating a new to-do list every day that never seems to get done, and just can’t seem to find the right balance to work and enjoy yourself. Well, I can say that you have landed on the right page. 

I want to help YOU create the balanced lifestyle working online + traveling you have oh so desperately been searching for, for what seems like forever! 

My name is Esther Inman, and I am the CEO and Founder of Virtual Assistant Internship. I have been working online successfully while traveling for the past 6 years. Yes, you read that right, the past 6 years. 

As a mom and military spouse, I had to find a solution to creating a balanced life between my online career, traveling, and my family. Now I have helped hundreds of women work online in virtual careers that they love and are truly passionate about through my 90 Day VA program

Now, let’s get ready to explore how to create that perfect, balanced life you desire and deserve to have (hint: it really isn’t as complicated as you may think it is)

There are ONLY 3 secrets you need to keep in mind when creating YOUR balanced lifestyle working online + traveling. 

1. Take it slow, girlfriend: travel slow 

The number one piece of advice anyone working online MUST take to create a balanced lifestyle while traveling is to literally take it sloooooooow.

This may mean different things for different people; but what works really well for me as a military spouse and mom is staying somewhere for at least a month, maybe two or even more at a time (currently, I am living in Bali with my beautiful husband and son overlooking rice fields. It is literally the dream). 

bali esther inman

Traveling slowly also provides the convenience of really getting to know a place and explore areas you otherwise wouldn’t have if, let’s say you were backpacking through for a few days. Keep in mind that you want to allow yourself the opportunity to relax and be able to focus on your work as well. We gotta keep on top of that self-care routine girlfriend!

Choose a destination (such as Bali) that is expat, digital nomad, and family (if you happen to be a mom, like moi) friendly that still allows you to feel like you are traveling every day. I can pop over to the next village and feel like I am in a new place. 

Also, consider taking a trip every two or so months to really enjoy and relish the life you have made for yourself (and family). I mean hey, you deserve it, after all the hard work you have put into creating this amazing lifestyle for yourself. 

You still have a job that requires your time and commitment, so be sure to schedule your activities around your work or important client deadlines.

Let’s be real here, you can’t be spending a full month hanging out and touring around Milan AND expect your business to flourish on its own. It just doesn’t work that way. 

We are Girl Bosses we know how to get sh** done and play hard at the same time. 

girl walking through fields

2. Create your OWN community 

Having some kind of community helps create a balance between travel and online work. Joining digital nomad focused Facebook Groups or other groups within your niche or area is a great first step towards building your OWN community.  

It is recommended to meet and team up with other fellow travelers and make them your accountability partner/buddy. Your partner could be working all day which will encourage you to also consider working on yourself, your business and your clients.  

It is inevitable that life or your emotions will come knocking on your door and the motivation to work some days just won’t be there. And I am here to say, THAT IS OKAY. But, it is also very important to realize that yes, a break is healthy but we gotta get back to it especially if we spent the past 3 days happy hour hopping and living in our bikinis.  

What is the best way to get back in the groove of things? 

Co-working and co-living spaces have become very popular within the digital nomad community worldwide. It allows you to meet like-minded people and to create meaningful relationships you otherwise would not have. 

Co-working environments basically motivate you to work hard and play hard together

The mornings can be set aside for work and the afternoons can be for hiking with your group of friends as a reward for your hard work and completing your never-ending to-do list.

Surrounding yourself within a co-working environment allows for less isolation and prevents thoughts of self-pity when you are all alone on the other side of the world. Just keeping our mental health in check girls.  

3. Establish a schedule that works best for YOU and does not feel pressured

One of the many great things about working online is that you have the freedom to create your own schedule and decide when you are able to work.

You have the power to plan your days, weeks, and months. If you want certain days set aside for working, cooking dinner at home, and doing normal things go right ahead. If you decide you want to set the day aside for exploring new cities, go to a hot spring, or to a winery. You guessed it, go RIGHT AHEAD.

It is an amazing idea to plan activities and exploring days with other people who also travel and work online so you will be exposed to and can recognize how they balance their day to day lives with travel and work. 

Don’t be afraid to ask questions on how other GIRL BOSSES make it work. We can all learn from each other. 

There is a lot of talk and conversations online about having a routine and being productive which can create a lot of unnecessary pressure for both you and I. Many people feel guilty about working too much and not exploring their new surroundings enough or vice versa. This is when you NEED to step up your self-care and mental health routine! 

girl writing in calendar

Whatever you have to do to get yourself into the right mindset is okay. Please, please, please don’t let the pressure of seeing what everyone else is doing get you down. All those people spent hours finding what works for them. Whether that be meditating, journaling, or working out. Find what works for YOU. 

Just go with the flow of what you feel, ultimately that is the freedom of working online.    

Gaining awareness about yourself and getting good at self-regulating and self-management is key. Don’t just read or watch someone’s morning routine and believe that is what will work for you. You must create your own routine and experiment with what works best for you. Just be mindful and aware of what your feelings, body, and mind are telling you. You really get to know yourself during the process, too. 

A balanced lifestyle working online + traveling is achievable for anyone ready to put in the effort. Being prepared with these three secrets in your back pocket will ensure you are on the right path.

Focus on the changes you can make and you will be well on your way to creating a balanced life. At first glance, it can be a lot to consider and balance, but that is all it is all about BALANCE

Now that you know what it takes to create a balanced lifestyle working online + traveling let’s recap our 3 secrets: 

  1. Consider traveling slowly 
  2. Creating YOUR own community where you can feel connected 
  3. Stick to a tailor-made schedule designed just for YOU

Whatever secret or combination of secrets you select, remember, don’t give up you got this girl! 

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Aliyah is a long time city-girl and creative who thrives at helping business owners streamline anything social, digital, and everything in between. Her sweet spots include content curation, graphic design, and social media management. Over the past couple years Aliyah had the privilege to travel to corners of the world she once thought was never possible. She now strives to become a digital nomad GIRL BOSS and to one day help young women build their own business with a sprinkle of passion and self-love. To see Aliyah’s online portfolio and services offered check out her Portfolio, her Facebook page, and her Instagram.

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