From Sad Single Mom to Working From Anywhere in Bali

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How to Successfully Work as a Digital Nomad and Mom

Hey there, it’s Esther, founder of Virtual Assistant Internship.

You’ve heard some of the other girls stories of how and why they are a virtual assistant in recent posts, but I also wanted to share a little bit of my heart with you here too.

Because…I think it’s easy to think that I am living this amazing life in Bali…with a full time nanny…chef…pool overlooking the rice paddies…etc. But let’s not forget what a freaking difficult path it was to get here.

Let’s not forget I am NOT special. I was NOT handed anything easily. I am not living this dreamy life because some distant uncle died and left me a chunk of change.

Literally took a second to snap this while I wrote this post. This is where I work from now.


Being a virtual assistant, hard work and never giving up is what got me here. This corporate America military wife and Mom was crying in her hotel room every night doing what she thought was her dream job. I quit with no savings or safety net but a trust that God had to have something more for me. More for women and Moms everywhere. More for US.

4 years later my virtual assisting turned into the full blown agency I run now, The Content Bank. Where I work with a team of women like us, launching their virtual services and determined to create a life of choice. Many of which are 90 Day VA graduates. Some are even in Bali with me now!

Working from one of the coolest co working spaces in the industry right now in the city where I live in Bali! Dojo, Canggu.

Over January, my virtual assisting and agency is what allowed me to leave my husband when it got bad. When my son and I had to escape his military head trauma induced mental health downward spiral. I was homeless and had to live with friends and family while I rebuilt. Slowly.

But I didn’t stop. I kept getting up everyday. Even when I wanted to stay in bed and would rather die then have to live another day alone as a single Mom with no direction and no hope. I watched my marriage, home, everything I owned and knew fall apart before my eyes. Watched my husband fall further and further down the spiral while doctors tried to help as best they could. I was stuck drinking my sadness away every night.

But the tiny speck of light during that dark tunnel of a time…Bali was always on my mind. Bali was somewhere I knew I could heal my broken heart and afford to live well with a single income amongst a cool digital nomad community.

Being a single Mom digital nomad kept me tossing and turning at night.

My love.

Could this be the right time? THIS IS INSANE? Can I really do this?

But I did.

God slowly healed my heart and my income continued to go up and up as I focused on my online career. My income went up and my stress level went down.

Bali was finally an actual option. I was asked to lead a few retreats in Bali and the rest of my life was already in storage or in my online work.

I said yes.

So now I look back over the last few years at everything God offered to me. All the times I trusted and said YES that have lead me to where I am now. Sitting in a beautiful villa, overlooking my pool and the rice paddies. About to take the afternoon off to go to a pool party.

And so I ask you friend, why not you too?

You now see everything I went through to get to this point. How UNglamorous and downright ugly it all was. Now if I was able to get through all of that shit thrown at me and still arrive here, single Mom digital nomad, then why not you?

On Wednesday’s we work from the pool. For real.


What are those dreams buried in there that you want to say YES to?

Can being a virtual assistant and working from anywhere help you get there?

The time to join the work from anywhere movement is HERE, it’s happening all around you, I am not a unique example! If getting started feels overwhelming then that’s why I put together a free class you can join HERE

In 90 days or less everyone in my 90 Day VA program will be graduated and likely working virtually by then…and you’ll still be trying to sell wraps and doing online surveys for pennies in order to make this a reality. So what is there to wait for?

We have payment plans, a military discount and so many bonuses and support to try to make this as feasible for everyone whose ready to put the work in to really make this happen.

So my dear friend. Now you know my whole story. It’s not ‘I made $20K in a month in just 30 days!’. It’s ugly.

But it was worth it.

Simply because I kept saying YES.

So click HERE to get the enrollment information or just click the ‘send to messenger’ button below and you’ll get the enrollment info in your Facebook Messages.

I believe in you! If 200+ of us have done it just that I personally know and have helped then why not you too?



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