20 Remote Companies Hiring Right Now

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remote companies hiring work from home jobs

I know what you’re thinking:

  • “Online jobs are only for people that live in the U.S…”,
  • “Work from home jobs are only for those with tons of experience or a degree…” or
  • “Remote work is suuuuuper hard to find!”

Think again! Here’s a comprehensive list of 20 different remote companies that are hiring right now

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Note: If you’d prefer to watch the video version of this blog post, scroll down to the bottom of this blog post!

When filtering through these remote companies, I know it’s tempting to skip straight to writing all of them down and throwing your resume at every single company.

Instead, I want you to really take a second to CARE about what you are actually applying for. 

If the job is not aligned with what you actually want to be doing, your passions and your unique skill set, you will be right back here starting all over again and throwing your resume at more remote jobs that you’re technically qualified for but that don’t align with what you actually want to do. 

The most important question you have to ask yourself is: Could you do it ALL DAY and not have it feel like work?

Even if you don’t qualify for your dream job today, let’s still get you on a path to being qualified for your dream job in the future.

For example: maybe your dream job is really to be a VA creating content and managing social media for photographers.

mom working on laptop baby bed

Taking a customer service job in the meantime while you build up your VA biz is just fueling the fire for your dream; it’s not saying “I NEED to work online, and I don’t care how I do it. I will just work this customer service job and make $11 per hour for the rest of my life.”

Reality check… I don’t want that for you!

Before we dive into the 20 different remote companies that are hiring right now, remember to always ask yourself: what do I really want to be doing and what is going to help get me there? 

If your passions and skillset don’t align with these companies, I encourage you to check out my free intro class where I tell you exactly how I became a successful virtual assistant while traveling the world all while balancing being a mom and military wife. 

Take it from me: starting as a Virtual Assistant is the BEST way to get started working online because you can align it with your personal passions and things that you actually enjoy. 

And even though I am giving you these resources to jobs like customer service, teaching English, and bookkeeping, you still may not qualify for some of the jobs that you ideally want to be doing. And a great way to uplevel your skills and qualifications is to invest in programs such as 90 Day VA which will teach you ALL the skills to qualify for more jobs and bump up your salary while doing so.

Investing in your skills to advance your career is an essential part of life and your unapologetically ambitious journey.

So long story short: these jobs are fantastic for when you’re looking for something to supplement your income while you’re going after your dreams, but don’t forget to still go after your dreams!

woman checking phone on laptop

Without further ado, here are 20 remote companies that are hiring right now:

Virtual Assisting & Bookkeeping Jobs

1. Belay

Belay is currently hiring for bookkeepers and virtual assistants/admins. Their application process and qualifications are very strict so make sure to look at the job descriptions closely. If you do qualify, be sure to have a rockstar remote-ready-resume when applying. 

2. Supporting Strategies

Supporting Strategies has TONS of virtual bookkeeping jobs.  The positions seem to be mostly US based, but they may have some global positions as well. 

The next remote companies that are currently hiring are technology and customer service companies.  They are all software companies, but don’t worry they have more than just software roles. There are customer service, management, project management, account management, and operations rolls. 

Tech Jobs

3. Zapier

Zapier is constantly hiring for a variety of online roles and is a completely remote company. 

4. Automattic 

Automattic is also a fully remote team with remarkable benefits. They are hiring for a variety of roles and have global positions available along with US positions. 

5. Help Scout

Help Scout is yet another fully remote, international friendly company.  They have a variety of roles, each being a bit different in description (for example, they may not currently be hiring within your timezone). 

6. Shopify

Shopify builds ecommerce sites and is hiring for a variety of different roles including tech roles, account management roles, and non-tech roles. 

7. Lambda

Lambda runs their company in pacific time zone hours, but they do hire internationally. They pay extremely well and you may or may not be required to work pacific time zone hours depending on your role. 

8. MailerLite

MailerLite is a great company to work for that is hiring with a variety of different roles and their team is primarily remote. 

Customer Support Jobs

This next one you may not have considered…

9. Amazon (say what?!)

You may be thinking that Amazon is only hiring for customer service.  You guys… they have hundreds of open virtual jobs. *mic-drop*

girl writing in notebook

The next set of remote companies hiring right now are all customer service based. 

10. Hilton

Calling all you women desiring work in the travel industry. Hiliton hires completely remote customer service reps who help with booking and organizing.  The positions are US only and do have state specifics.

It also only pays $11/ hour so it really is not a great salary, but Hilton does offer a ton of benefits. You need a proper home office as this is a formal employee position, just virtual.

A huge problem I see with women in my 90 Day VA is that they realize they are only qualified for the customer service rolls, and customer service rolls are NOT flexible. You need a proper home office with a specific computer setup, you have certain hours you need to work, and you have to be available for phone calls.

These customer service jobs will not work for you if you are seeking the flexibility to work from anywhere. If you want to do that, you need to become a virtual assistant (remember, I have a FREE class on how to get started)!

11. Apple

Apple is frequently hiring for at home advisors (customer service). The pay is between $11 – $15 per hour. 

12. Concentrix

Concentrix is ALWAYS hiring. You can join their mailing list to be alerted of new roles. They have call center customer service rolls as well as chat customer service rolls.

Transcription & Translation Jobs

13. Appen

Appen is hiring for raters, transcription, translation, and a variety of small odd tasks. Anyone can sign up for their site. This may be a good option for you if you are just getting started or speak another language. 

The next two companies are always hiring and fall under the transcription category. Transcription is when you listen to audio and you type exactly what you hear. Transcription can be done on your own time as long as it is completed by the due date, and the faster you can type the more you make. 

You have to take some tests to qualify, but once you’re in you have access to all of their jobs.  The two companies always hiring for transcription are:

14. Rev

15. Transcribe Me

Now, here are two companies who are always hiring for translation. There are SOOO many different languages available to translate.

Translation pays way more than transcription or customer service. If you speak a different language this may be an option for you. 

16. Welocalize 

WeLocalize offers translation services to companies. They have a TON of translation opportunities open if you are a Native speaker in a second language!

17. Verbalink

Verablink has both translation and transcription jobs available. 

woman working on laptop

Any of these jobs interest you so far? It is time for the last category which is teaching English. 

Teaching English Jobs

A lot of you may be thinking I don’t have a degree, or I don’t have a TEFOL, or I don’t qualify.

Don’t worry! We’ve made an entire ULTIMATE GUIDE on teaching English online jobs right here. It includes every company option available as well as their requirements and how much they pay!

Grab your free eBook of online English teaching resources today!

Hey! I’m Esther and if you click below I will message you my FREE e-book so you can get started right away!

Simply put, you don’t need a degree or a TEFOL or to have a bunch of formal experience. 

For mostly all English teaching jobs you will have to work Asian and Chinese hours.  You will also need a quiet space with a very particular type of background in your home office. For this industry, you’re going to max out at making about $22 per hour. 

Here are three different resources depending on your personal qualification levels:

18. VIPKids

You MUST have a BA in some type of degree field and some type of teaching experience. Homeschooling, Sunday school, and coaching all count as teaching experience; so don’t think you need a fancy, formal teaching background. They may or may not require an English teaching certificate. 

19. Magic Ears

You do not need a degree for this one, but you DO need some sort of teaching certificate. Don’t stress though, you can simply go on to Groupon or another site and get these certificates for cheap (like $20 cheap).

20. Cambly

If you are a native English speaker with no degree and no certificate, you’re in luck. Cambly does not require you to have a degree or teaching certificate.

This is a great option for those traveling or who need money like… yesterday. You can just pop on whenever and the pay is $10 per hour in USD. 

woman looking at notebook

Were these 20 resources for remote companies that are hiring (right now) useful to you? Which types of jobs do you see yourself applying to?

Most of all I really want to know: what is your DREAM online job? 

If these jobs align with your dream online job then perfect… go ahead and apply with your rockstar remote-ready-resume. 

If they don’t, nothing is stopping you from working for Cambly while in the meantime you start to build up your dream VA business working for those photographers you are so passionate about working with. 

When you are coming from a place of desperation where you just need money, these resources can help you along your path of becoming stable.

After you are stable, I want you to give yourself space to think and dream about what you REALLY want to be doing online once the panic has passed.

Are you ready to invest in yourself, learn new skills to land your DREAM clients, and be a part of a community of unapologetically ambitious women? Sign up for my free intro class in how to work online as a Virtual Assistant making $20 – $40+/hr here. 

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Watch the video version of this blog post here!

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Amelia is a virtual assistant here to assist you with content creation and re-purposing, social media management, email and calendar management, and much more! When she’s not helping business owners and brands create content, grow their social media, and managing emails and calendars, she loves to hike with her husband and two dogs, enjoys a few extra large cups of coffee each day, and cozies up with her favorite personal development book or business podcast. To see all the services she offers and how she can help you, check out her website here.

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