3 High Demand Jobs Anyone Can Do From Home

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In this quick video our founder, Esther, explains the top 3 jobs in HIGH demand right now you can do from home. Military spouse careers are tough to find. Work from home for Moms feels like you keep getting scammed. And for everyone who wants to be able to work and travel or enter the digital nomad revolution…this is for you!


Top 3 High Demand Work From Home Jobs

  • Social Media Management
    • You can get paid to post to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc!
    • You can get paid just to engage on those social platforms! Work it!
  • Social media post creation
    • Blog writing
    • eBook writing
    • Ghost writing
    • Freelance writing
    • Creating images for social media posts
    • Light graphic design (think Canva or Pic Monkey!)
  • Virtual Customer Service
    • Esther offers a top tip on how to get started with this in the video
    • Don’t get stuck making $10/hr forever!

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