How much money can I REALLY make working from home?

How much money can I REALLY make working from home?

We get asked this question all the time! How much money can you actually make when you are working from home? The reason so many people want to ask us this question is because you often see jobs posted online for around $2 an hour. The reason that people are paying so low for these jobs is generally that they need help but have no budget and the people who do these jobs are generally those living in developing countries. This is not what we do.

What can you expect to make online?

We start by breaking this down into different categories because of course, not everyone is going to make the same amount of money. There are a lot of factors that go into how much money you can charge and in turn how much you are going to make.


We call you beginners because you might just be starting out in the Virtual Industry. Everyone has to start somewhere. When you are starting out you might find yourself doing a wide variety of tasks. That’s OK. This is the best way for you to figure out what you are good at and what you want to do long term. This is also the best way to build your portfolio.

These are basic admin tasks and you are going to find that a good rate to charge for these things is around $7-15 an hour.


Intermediate is when you may have been working in the Industry for 1-5 years. You know what you are good at and you have a well-built portfolio really showing clients what you can do. Make sure that you have an awesome resume and professional social media accounts. Around this time you can start charging people $15-25 an hour.


We call the next section mastery because this is when you really niche down and start doing what you are really good at! During this time you are going to be making anywhere from $30-60 an hour. The more mastery you are, however, the more you are going to make. This is for people who have educated themselves further in what they want to do. They have done the coding boot camp, gotten the teaching certificate or anything like that to really make themselves an expert.

Once you are an expert you can start charging $100-200 an hour and be outsourcing most of your work to an amazing team that you have built up to help you get to this point.

What can you do now to start generating an income online?

PASSIVE INCOME! If you haven’t heard this term before, then let me explain it to you. Passive income means you are making money by doing nothing. They say it’s making money in your sleep. However, it takes time and often money to set up, but if you do it right, it can be all automated.

The other thing that I recommend that you do is NEVER say no to work. The reason being, you should ALWAYS outsource. Instead of saying no to anything (unless it’s out of your field) you should say yes and then outsource to someone else. Build up a team around you so that you can have time off, work less and earn more!

Now, this is just a snippet of the information that we gave you in the video on our Facebook! To get all the rest of the information you can get in the group! See you there!!

Virtual Assisting For A Speaker

Virtual Assisting For A Speaker

As a virtual assistant it’s very likely you’ll work for one-man shows, like a coach, author, or speaker where the person themselves is the main element of the product. Professional speakers are a unique breed and it helps to have an understanding of their world going in. Here are the ways to align yourself with their needs from the get-go.

Be sensitive to their ego. Speakers, unlike other business owners, are the product. It’s their life experience, their expertise that people are buying. No matter how much a typical business owner loves their business, when they are producing something, it is usually outside of their self, unless it’s a speaker. For a speaker, they are the product. Always be aware when giving any feedback, or talking about their products, programs or services,that this isn’t just their baby, it is them.

Understand the money. We all know what speakers do, but where do they do it? Who actually pays for that athlete/survivor/success to tell his or her story? Associations, seminars, businesses and more. Every interest or profession you can think of has an association, conference, corporate training or other continuing education event.  Often, speakers pretty much belong to a speaker’s bureau which only asks for a percentage of every gig booked, (even if they did not negotiate or sell that particular gig) and a portion of their soul. Maybe not that far, but it feels that way to the speaker. If you can put together marketing, make the calls, essentially get the gigs, you are a game changer for your speaker and a great asset. Remember, these groups are trying to provide value for their members, and your speaker doesn’t have to stay within their niche, for example, a crisis management expert can speak for The Mystery Writers Association. Hit up those groups with why your speaker is going to wow their audience and you’ll be gold to them and your client.

Understand their needs. The most important issue a speaker faces: being ready and able to take the stage on time. A huge part of this is the audio/visual set up at their venue. Do they have their presentation on a flash drive? Will the venue have a projector and computer that is compatible, up and running before the conference starts? Does your speaker use slides from the 70s? Then the venue must have a slide viewer. Even if you can’t be there keeping track of this, just reminding the speaker, or speaking with the venue ahead of time is invaluable.

Know what to ask. After every event your speaker is probably unaware of the wealth they are taking with them. Usually associations get feedback from audience members, and usually someone has taken pictures. All of these things are essential to ask for because they are so useful in marketing the speaker going forward. You are either using these resources, or cataloging it. In any case, making the client aware of the things they need to bring back from an event is great for them.

Offer further services. There is so much you can do for a speaker client. Be sure they know all the ways you can help. They may have never even thought of a service, let alone hiring for it. Such things might include transcribing their presentations, calendar management, follow up with audience members or the group, payments that need to be made, payments that need to be received, general PR, or my favorite, having an ‘essentials care package’ you send ahead to every venue for them. A back up A/V cable, throat lozenge, details on their clients, and even candy. Anything that will make their day smoother.

Knowing a little bit about the world a speaker lives in will give you more than just a skill set you can sell, but an edge on being the best for them, so they can be the best for their clients.

Have you worked with a speaker? How did they differ from other clients? Comment below with your experience or questions. They’ll be a profitable client with a little work and creativity!


How Marium Became a Virtual Assistant

How Marium Became a Virtual Assistant

Marium was struggling to shift from being an office based executive assistant and shifting into a true work from home lifestyle as a virtual assistant. Here she tells her story of how to be a virtual assistant too.

      I have been trying to figure out what I must do in order to go from my current position as an Executive Assistant (EA) to a Virtual Assistant (VA). My research didn’t lead me to many resources providing guidance. I wanted to learn from a real person, not follow steps from a blog. Blogs didn’t explain HOW I would get there, blogs would only have a list of things to do. Sure, I have many years of experience working as an EA but I wasn’t sure how I can apply that experience to my VA business.

     One thing I love about being a part of the Virtual Assistant Internship program (VAI)  is the interpersonal relationship we have with Esther. The ability to chat/speak with a live person, feeling connected because of the small group environment we have is essential for me. I feel comfortable. I feel safe. I have participated in many other online programs, but that’s all that it was online with pre-recorded information, worksheets, etc. But VAI has made the experience worthy of my time. Worthy of my attention. I look forward to our weekly calls just because I can interact with other fellow VAI members. Also Esther is very interactive; the personal feedback we receive from her has been helpful. Because I am getting the personal time, I am able to hold myself accountable to complete the task. I feel the need to show up to group calls. It’s an intimate group.

      One of the most important reason why I chose to be a VA is to liberate myself from a 9-5 lifestyle and create time freedom. The flexibility to have my own schedule, be able to spend time with my family and friends, work & play however and whenever I want is important to me. Working as an EA in the traditional 9-5 environment does not allow me to have the flexibility I am looking for. I hate having to ask for permission to have a day off because I am not feeling well. Or to “notify” someone that I have to attend to my family so I need the day off. As I am getting older, I am feeling suffocated by the ropes of having a traditional job.

     Additionally, being stuck in an office does not allow me to be creative. It is not challenging to me. I love being challenged, learning new things, working on new things and seeing the by-product of my work. I want to make an IMPACT on the work I do and becoming a VA creates that path which will allow me to combine my passion to serve without dreading it.

     I am an introvert by nature, so I take time and make observations before I connect with people. Being a VA fits well with my personality as I love helping people. I am caring, compassionate, understanding and I love to solve people’s problems. I am a Cancer (zodiac sign), I am sure you can tell. We are the nurturing type. I am multi-passionate so I am always coming up with creative ideas to make an impact in the work I do. I am aiming to specialize in working with Health & Wellness Entrepreneurs as I have extensive background in the health field.

      My many years of experience working as an EMT and studies in health has given me the knowledge to better understand how our body works. I am extremely passionate about alternative health and healing. I love sharing my knowledge to help others find alternative solutions from conventional medicine. I believe if you want to dissolve any health related pain or discomfort in your life you must find the core problem; slapping on a band-aid will not do.

     I am a quick learner. I pretty much can learn something quickly than the average person. Lately, I have become addicted in learning to create websites, graphics and design. What I love most about being a VA is setting my own schedule. Plus working with many different people, sharing ideas and creativity all while being in you PJ’s! I want to make money doing what I love, serving people. Helping business owners serve their clients without worrying about inundated tasks that does not serve their purpose. That is where I come in.

FUN FACTS: I am a kid at heart and love to be silly when around kids. I have the world’s most adorable cat whom I love. He waits for me at the front door every evening when I get home from work. Sometimes I enjoy unplanned activities; random late night drives with my hubby and I love spicy food. I also have a new-found appreciation for meditation.

Check out Marium now rocking her web design and digital marketing professional virtual career HERE

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