Anxiety vs. Excitement: 3 Tricks for Jumping Into the Unknown (Even If You’re Feeling Nervous)

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anxiety vs excitement blog

Whether you’re new to the virtual assistant world or wondering if you should take the leap, there’s no doubt that emotions are high! 

I’ve seen many of my students freak out after getting the ball rolling with their virtual assistant business. They’ve invested all this money, effort, and time into themselves, and then everything comes to a screeching halt

That’s because imposter syndrome kicks in, and the mental and emotional roadblocks form somewhere along the way. They come at different times, but usually after the first consultation call, when you price your services or begin working with a new client.

The elevated heart rate, butterflies in your stomach, sweaty palms – it’s all normal. But is it anxiety or excitement? 

The truth is, it could be either! 

Your nervous system reacts in the SAME WAY towards fear, excitement, and nervousness.

So, here are 3 tricks for jumping into the unknown and understanding the difference between anxiety and excitement.

 1. Talk to Yourself

Anytime you start to get anxious about something, take a moment to assess the situation. Are you feeling this way because you’re starting something new, or are you just really excited? 

Let’s say you landed your first consultation with a potential long-term client. 

The butterflies in your stomach are starting to set in. Your mind is racing with thoughts like, “I can’t do this… I’m not good enough or qualified to do this job… I’m not worth what I want to charge.” 

Hellooo self-doubt! 

Once you recognize these emotions, I want you to give yourself a pep talk of positivity. Instead of assuming what you’re feeling is just fear or anxiety, start telling yourself that you are capable and excited – because you are! 

I want you to become your own hype man (or woman)! Talk to yourself like you would your best friend. You can do it in your head or out loud (I don’t judge).

Identify what it is you’re feeling. Are you just really excited about the potential of where your business is going? Or are you legitimately afraid of what’s to come?

We’re hardwired to react the same way anytime we get anxious or excited, but it’s time to look within and see why we feel the way we do. 

It’s not easy rewiring your brain to think differently, but with a little practice and consistency – it can make all the difference. 

 2. Ask Yourself Questions

Often, we don’t let ourselves fully think about the best and worst-case scenarios. I mean, really think about the possible outcome. Instead, we end up worrying about what could happen and never really ask ourselves if it’s a reasonable fear or not. This is why you need to start asking yourself questions.

“What is the best possible thing that could happen?”

“What’s the absolute worst that could happen?” 

Most of the time, the action that we’re so afraid of doesn’t have the potential to reach the monster we make it out to be. 

Seriously, no one’s head is going to explode if you ask for a raise. 

I want you to think about the absolute end result. What would actually happen if you apply for a job that you believe you are not qualified for? 

The worst-case scenario is that you don’t get the job. 

The best-case scenario is that you get the job, and you nail it! 

By really talking to yourself and asking the right questions, you can see the potential outcomes aren’t that bad.

3. Stop Trying to Get Rid of Those Emotions

Instead of running away from ALL the feels, it’s time to face them head-on. Being an entrepreneur is like riding a rollercoaster of emotions! And so often we think that some of these emotions are negative when they’re not.

Remember that your feelings of anxiety and nervousness could be feelings of excitement. The mystery of the unknown can do that to you, but don’t avoid thinking or talking about those emotions. If you do, you end up holding yourself back from the possibilities that present themselves to you! 

Next time your mind tells you that it’s scared of what’s to come, rephrase it to something more positive like, “I think I’m really excited about the potential of what could happen, and I’m worried I might mess it up.” Then consider the best and worst possible outcomes.

Another example could be that you’re thinking about joining 90 Day VA or another online job training program, but you’re afraid that you will fail. Maybe it’s because you’ve been caught in a scam or had previous bad experiences. 

What you actually could be feeling is excitement over the potential of doing something great. Maybe it’s exciting because you’re stepping out of your comfort zone! 

A lot of times, these emotions have the same physical feelings and can get misconstrued.

You are more ready than you think you are. So, accept the situation, adjust to change, and face your emotions head-on. You will become more confident in yourself and your abilities!

We’re rewiring your emotional process to be more positive. Reframe those feelings from negative fear and anxiety to positive ones, such as excitement. You’ll immediately perceive those jitters and butterflies as good emotions. 

So when you’re going into your next consultation and your heart is racing, your palms are sweaty – remember to give yourself a pep talk, ask yourself questions, and accept those emotions you’re feeling. 

It WILL help you to be more productive and will bring YOU and YOUR BUSINESS to the next level. 

My 90 Day VA program not only teaches you the skills you need to succeed as a virtual assistant but also teaches you how to overcome a fixed mindset and drive you towards success. 

Sarah Singer is a Virtual Assistant working towards growing and perfecting her skills to work from home. Apart from graphic designing and writing, she loves to run, paint, and illustrate.

She’s a member of 90 Day VA and assists with everything from web design and graphic design to writing blogs and promoting businesses on social media platforms.

Sarah’s website is currently under construction. Check soon for an updated list of what she has to offer.

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