5 Easy Steps to Make Big Money Online

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Using Skills You Already Have

I know you have heard the rumors of women just like you making BIG money every month working online. You could think you could never do that because you don’t have the skills that they must have. But, you are wrong. You can totally do this!

If you were previously a project manager, writer, web designer, teacher, or you had any other job that is skills-based, you most likely already have lots of the abilities that will benefit you when working online.  

You may already be in a well-paying office-based position, but are looking to transition to working remotely online so that you can spend more time with your kids or get out and travel the world as a family.  You may just need to give yourself a little bit more time before cutting the strings and going fully into the remote world.

After you give yourself some time to learn how to do things right, you could even end up making more money online than in a traditional setting! Let’s look at five steps you need to take to work online successfully.

A chair with board that reads, think outside the box

1: Assess Your Skills

You already know that you have some skills.  Try doing a deep dive to create a list of specific skills you have. 

You’ve possibly been:

  • Creating presentations
  • Doing research
  • Editing articles
  • Writing business plans
  • Teaching in your previous jobs.

Online, you can research and create presentations for clients, just like in an office. You can write and edit blogs for clients — some may be ghost-written, while others will have you put your name on them.

Maybe you “retired” from teaching in a traditional classroom at a young age but still love the education field;  you could use your knowledge and educational best practices to develop online courses for clients.

Oh, you’ve been a stay-at-home mom for years?  I bet you’ve gotten pretty good at creating calendars and schedules for you and your family.  How else do you get everyone where they need to be all the time? Planning family trips and vacations might have been up to you.

Try doing that for other people who just don’t have the time or energy to do it for themselves. Put all of those skills you have to work! 

A woman working on her laptop

2: Identify Who You Want to Work With

Who would you want to put your skills to work for?  Who is your ideal client? Think about the skills you have, and tailor them to that client specifically. You know how to do things that will make that potential client think, “Wow!  I need to hire her!” 

You have to understand your potential client’s needs and then calculate how you can be most useful to them.

Pretend your dream client is a specific author that you admire. You looked her up on social media and checked out her website only to see how abysmal those specific platforms of hers are, especially in comparison to her amazing writing. 

It seems like she may not have a person helping her with day-to-day website maintenance and social media interactions and posts.

Before contacting her, you would need to come up with a plan to show her why she needs to hire you to help her.

For example, let her know that you could create an updated website and would love to help with the daily interactions on her social media platforms. 

As a Part of This Plan, You Need Pricing in Mind.

  • How much do you want to make? 
  • How long will it take you to not only do the specific work
  • How long will it take you to conduct research, attend any meetings, and source photos or graphics? 

You also need to decide if you want to charge an hourly rate or a rate per project. When setting your fees, be sure to take into consideration your expenses: taxes, fees, equipment, subscriptions, etc. 

Once you’ve decided on a fee schedule, but before submitting your proposal,  be sure to take into account if they will be able to afford you.

Is this a new author selling $1.99 downloads on Amazon, or is this a best-selling author that sells thousands of copies every time she publishes?   Small, newly published authors will not have the same budget (or following) as more established ones.

Woman smiling with a laptop on her lap

3: Create a consistent client pipeline

If you want to consistently get high-end prices for your work, you have to work with high-end clients. High-end clients expect to pay their remote employees more, especially today.  

Nowadays, there is more and more demand for contractors like us in the workforce. Hiring us actually saves the clients a lot of money, because we are not in their offices taking up space, and we aren’t getting benefits like insurance, mileage, or an expense report from them. 

Since we are saving them long-term money, we are able to ask for higher amounts as a payment upfront for our work. 

Keep in mind that when you are just starting out. You may need to work more with the newer authors with smaller budgets to build your portfolio. Once it’s built up, you can use to show those best-selling authors what you can do for them.

Your portfolio is an important tool to have in your arsenal.  

Website And/Or a Application Kit

When contacting a possible client, you want them to have easy access to see what you can do for them. On your website, they will be able to look at your portfolio and decide that you are the right person for them. 

Booking System

There should also be an easy way to book a consultation with you on your website.  A link to your updated calendar allows them to see when you are available for them to set up a consultation time that works for you both. 

Be Prepared

During the consultation, be prepared to sell yourself and your services to them, but also be ready to ask them questions, too.  You need to make sure you are a good fit together. You also need a clean, simple process in place for them to sign a contract, establish payment, and then get started immediately.

A laptop with a mug that reads; the future is female

4: Have High-End Proposals for Projects

If you are wanting to earn a high-end income, you need to start with high-end clients. Did I already kind of say that?  Yeah, I kinda did… and, I said it again.  It’s important.  

If you are wanting to work for high-end clients, you have to submit high-end proposals. You must also produce high-end work for these clients. You have to show them professional high-end products that you can create according to their specific branding and their specific needs. 

That also means that your proposal to them needs to be written specifically to them.  Don’t create a cookie cutter proposal where you just fill in the blanks. It looks cheap and is tacky.  They will know. Don’t do it! 

Once you have them signed on as clients, you definitely never want to come across as unorganized. At this point, use tools such as DubSado or 17hats to keep your calendars, invoices, and contacts all in one place.  

These programs integrate all of your needs into one place while keeping them organized for you, too. These could help you do things the client didn’t even know existed or how much they needed them.

5: Make BIG Money Every Month 

Even when you do everything that is listed above, there are ONLY two ways to make BIG money month remotely. You have to charge more money.  Makes sense, right? 

When you first start working online, you will not be able to immediately charge $200 per hour or $5,000 for one small project.  No one knows you or your work. You’ve not proven yourself yet. 

Once you are more established in your new career and have more in your portfolio to prove your abilities, you will be able to start to charge more–which will make you more money.  Eventually, you will hit the ceiling; you will be charging as much as people are willing to pay–that’s where the next part comes into play. 

You also need to expand your offerings and maybe even create a team.

Think about the skills you have, again.  You know there are weak spots. So, this is when you hire people whose talents blend well with your weaknesses. 

With more people working for you, you will be able to offer more services and accept more clients. You need to remember that paying your workers will decrease your workload, but it will also decrease your personal income per project. However, your team will be covering more projects, which not only will balance out their salaries but it will also increase your bottom line. 

A woman holding her finger to her mouth to be quiet

Shhhh!! I’ve Got One Last Secret Step to Add

You’ve GOT to work on your mindset!  Everything mentioned above will either succeed or fail, depending on YOU. In this industry, success comes down to 50% hard work, 50% mindset.  

The WORK you are doing includes the actual tasks, putting packages together, self-promoting, marketing, and growing a team. Your MINDSET is what tells you every single morning that “You are worth it!” 

Create a network within your field to help you keep motivated and moving forward. Read HERE for more motivation.

Admit it to yourself, charge what you deserve, and keep moving. If a client isn’t willing to pay you what you’re worth, you never would have been a good fit together. 

You know what skills you have.  You know that you are worthy and capable of making BIG money every month through the work that you put in and the projects that you can create for clients. 

There is literally nothing stopping you from being a super successful online entrepreneur.  

A fortune cookie that reads; A plan that you have been working on for a long time is beginning to take shape

However, you may still think you’re not quite ready for all of this, OR you want to build your skill set a bit more before launching into the online world. 

That is where 90 Day VA fits in.

It is a step-by-step propriety program that allows you to build all the skills you might need, with a shiny professional portfolio geared explicitly to working online.

My program, 90 Day VA, has helped over 500 women start working online in the specific niches that they are passionate about.

If this is what you need to launch your career successfully online, then check out this page for more information on how to build those skills! It’s my FREE masterclass, explaining what a Virtual Assistant is and how you can learn the skills to start working online in 90 days or LESS!

Mandy Boyles: Writer

Mandy is a virtual assistant here to help you succeed and make your business even more successful. She is currently a member of 90 Day VA who loves spending time with her family and her dogs when she is not working on things for her clients. She can help with several areas: writing, editing, content creation, social media engagement, and light web design. You can find her on Facebook at https://tinyurl.com/MandyVirtualServicesFB

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