2 Easy Steps to Start Working Online, Today!

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start working online today

If you’ve been trying to work online for what feels like forever and never getting anywhere then listen up, here are two easy steps to start working online, today!

Getting caught in scams, trying to sell things to your friends or never hearing back from potential jobs is exhausting and you are about to throw in the towel.

Before you give up, I want to dig a little more into why exactly you keep hitting these roadblocks.

I’ve been working online successfully for the last 7 years (no scams, no selling). As a Mom and military spouse, I had to find a solution to having a career that can move as my life moves. Now I’ve helped hundreds of women work online in virtual careers they love too!

Now, let’s dig into why you REALLY aren’t working online yet (hint: it’s not what you think!)

There are only 2 possible reasons why you aren’t working online yet

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1. You aren’t actually applying

Everyone who whines to me in my 90 Day VA program about not finding work is quickly asked a slew of questions. The first being, well have you actually applied yet?

Because typically the answer is NO, or to very few jobs and they don’t understand why they aren’t making any progress when they haven’t actually put any real effort into it yet.

We also find that many women that maybe are applying for online jobs, aren’t using the modern remote resume and application style we teach.

GUESS WHAT?! It’s 2019 and your old high school style resume and ‘cover letter’ isn’t going to cut it anymore!

Or you aren’t even bothering to follow up. It’s time to level up your processes!

Half ass effort = half ass results

Just like getting any other kind of a job, it takes effort to customize the resume and follow up. In person jobs usually require going around town to fill out applications and turn them in, following up in person, and schmoozing in real life.

Doing it online takes the same amount of effort, it’s just different things (and you can do it from your phone while laying bed), but for some reason, we don’t put nearly as much effort into it and expect different results.

Woman typing, remote work, virtual work

2. You ARE Actively Searching But…

So you DO try to apply for online jobs… but you don’t have the skills or only have skills to apply for low paying jobs you don’t want to do.

Yes, there are tons of online customer service jobs. But do you really want to be glued to your computer Monday-Friday 9am-5pm to be paid the same or less as you are already?

Or you have tons of in-real-life experience, but cannot figure out how to translate those skills into the online world so you can qualify for remote jobs?

If this is where you are stuck then it’s time to embark on a journey we like to call Bridge The Gap. Which really just means, identifying where you are now vs. where you want to be, and then making yourself a learning plan to get there.

For example, if you love photography and want to work for a photographer online then what are the things they need help within their business? How can you get training and experience in those areas quickly?

The answer is NOT: just keep complaining that I don’t qualify for any online jobs.

Invest In Your Online Career

The answer is to go find some YouTube videos, Skillshare videos or a comprehensive program like my 90 Day VA program and get started bridging your gap so you can qualify for the job of your dreams.

This is why people go to college right? They want to be a doctor but don’t have the skills or certifications to do it. Well working online is the same thing but the jobs are SO MUCH MORE accessible. You can take online training and in a few months qualify for well-paying jobs from your couch!

The big key to this, that so many miss, is that you must invest in yourself (even if it’s not college). An investment in skills, so you can qualify for higher paying online jobs is NOT a scam.

Woman typing on laptop, remote work, virtual work

When I say invest in yourself…does it make you cringe a little and think of those Instagrammers always going on about “self-care” meanwhile your roots are horribly grown out and you haven’t slept in a week?

As women, for some reason every time we want to invest in our careers it becomes a WHOLE THING. We have to ensure it won’t affect our children, ensure our husband is ok with it, that we won’t get too far behind on the housework…what is this, the 1900s?

But newsflash: everyone you see that’s living the dream you wish you had (whatever that may be), had to invest in themselves to make that happen.

Personally, in the last year, I’ve invested about $25K minimum just in upskilling myself and mentors to help me along the way. But guess what? In that same year, I tripled my income and went from $71,626 in 2017 to $140,212 in 2018.

All that to say: investing in yourself and your online career is worth every penny when it’s aligned with your overall dreams and passions.

Investing in your career is not the same thing as using your credit card to buy some new clothes you just had to have.

Let’s say you invest $1000 to learn new virtual skills and get access to legit online jobs every week. After 2 months in the program, you are working 20 hours per week making $30/hr. That’s $2400 just within the first 2 months of making that initial investment. So was it worth it? ABSOLUTELY.

Knowledge= Monetary Power

If you think all knowledge should be free and that’s why you stubbornly don’t want to invest in anything then SORRY, but besides the library (which still isn’t free btw, your tax dollars pay those cute old librarians) you will always be SOL.

Building and managing entire programs, writing books, teaching live classes all takes A LOT of time and money. People have to eat! And they spent time and money learning those things initially so, why shouldn’t you?

Which one are you? It’s either that you aren’t applying properly or you just plain don’t have the skills to qualify for the jobs you actually want to do.

In either case, a program like my 90 DAY VA would help you immensely. I literally go step by step with the top requested virtual skills we are asked for every week by online business owners.

But it’s more than just a skills course, we also give you everything you need to actually WORK with client’s online and supply 10-20 legit jobs we source for members every week.

If you are serious about working online this year then I’d at least check out the syllabus and enrollment terms HERE because investing in your online career skills has never been so easy!

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