10 Christmas Gifts Every Virtual Assistant [secretly] Wants

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virtual assistant online gift ideas

Working from home as a virtual assistant or other online worker while adventuring around the world means we have a pretty amazing lifestyle, BUT it also makes it really hard for friends and family to know what to buy us.

Normal gifts for commuting workers and overwhelmed women trying to do it all don’t really fit (cue the same candles and bath salts you’ve gotten for years that are still sitting in the back of the cupboards).

Nor do we want stupid little things, even if the gift giver means well. For those of us living out of a suitcase, we can’t carry those kinds of things around…and paying to store a candle?

So here are 10 ideas you can just click to share with your well-meaning family and friends whenever a holiday or birthday comes around!

  1. Time Off

Our favorite gift to give and receive is time or an experience together. Consider an AirBnB weekend away gift or an experience. If nothing else contact a local expert in a niche and ask to buy a class from them.

Has your virtual assistant friend been talking about photography, graphic design or watercolor for ages? Buy her some classes! (for some more resource ideas, see #2).

Childcare for our work from home Mom’s or a spa day are #1 requests for our online work force.

2. Uplevel With Online Courses

Speaking of learning, those that work online are always looking to expand and grow their skills so they can charge and make more money. Some of our favorite online course resources for virtual assistants are:

    • 90 Day VA: Our signature course for those without online skills or have been trying to be a VA for 6-12 months and want to expand their skillset + get tons of job opps! Enrollment info is HERE
    • Virtual Brand Studio: Help a VA level up their branding by grabbing them the fancy Virtual Brand Studio! Get instant access to 4 unique ready-touse brand kits including custom-made logos, color palettes, font pairings and more. Info is HERE.
    • Remote Resume Blueprint: Need a resume that will actually land you a remote job in 2021? Get instant access to a remote-ready resume masterclass plus 5 remote resume templates and our job app power pack for just $27! Info is HERE.

3. Fun Home Office Supplies

Our home offices (or even a temp setup in a current location) are actually incredibly important. They need to be motivating, clean, inspiring and quiet so we can sit down and create amazing work each day.

Unfortunately we often never spend the time to pimp out our office space so help a girl out with some of these awesome finds…

Crystal Diamond Pen Pack (with refills!) 12.99

So you can write your daily to do lists with cheer!

Inspiring Journals $15.99

So you have something to write those to do lists ON grab 1 (or 10?) of these babies!

4. Home Office Decor

Besides cute office supplies our home office space is even more important! Something as simple as a pillow or poster can make all the difference.

One of these gorgeous pillows for behind your back


THIS rose gold foil Wanderlust poster $16.96 or   THIS Goal Digger wall sticker $13.00 for above your home office desk 



5. Home Office Ergonomic Setup

We work from home and LOVE what we do so that means sitting for hours…and hours. This amazing laptop stand props up your laptop so it’s eye level and turns ANY desk into an ergonomic desk!

We also use ours to watch movies in bed on without it getting hot sitting on the bed. The BEST part is that is folds down tiny so it slides right into a backpack!

You’ll need a cute wireless keyboard and mouse to go with that laptop stand too! 

(this one is also super slim so it’ll fit into a backpack for your cafe or work from anywhere adventures)

6. Wireless Ear Buds (with a mic!) $49.99

We are in online meetings constantly and yet we never invest in good headphones or a mic?! WHY? The time is now! Also great for meetings on the go because these suckers connect to your phone too!

7. Travel

We work from anywhere because we love to travel and explore new places while toting our laptop along with us (or just leaving for the day because we can!). Consider buying us a flight somewhere we’ve always talked about going or booking us a room in our favorite city for a few nights!

We CAN just drop everything and go without requesting time off from work so this is an amazing surprise we would LOVE to receive.

Book HERE for great deals or a unique home and experience on AirBnB HERE 

8. Inspiring Mugs

First we drink the coffee, then we do the things. What better way to bring in the morning work load then in our home office sippin’ out of something this inspiring?!

Boss Lady Mug


She Believed She Could So She Did Mug

This would be cute for your morning coffee OR with a succulent in it on a home office shelf!

9. Cafe Gift Card

Even though we work from home we still get stir crazy and work around town sometimes. Support a local cafe and buy a gift card for a cup of coffee or two and pop it into the Lady Boss mug you bought! Or if all else fails, this Starbucks Pack of gift cards would be a welcome escape too.

10. Work From Anywhere Router “Sky Roam” $199.99

Ever wonder how some of our girls work from an RV in the middle of nowhere? Or in those epic off the grid locations? It’s with one of these babies! The Sky Roam runs on something like a sim card you can top up whenever needed.

It’s way cheaper data than trying to tether to your phone and is perfect for those that like to go on adventures where wifi may not always reach.


Share with your family and friends trying to figure out what to buy for you this year or grab one of these awesome finds for yourself!


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