How to Balance Working From Home & Being a Mom

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How to Balance Working From Home and Being a Mom

One of the toughest skills to master when you launch your career working from home is how to balance your business with having kids and a family. Take it from me – it can be you done!

The first thing I highly recommend is that you set business hours. It’s going to be really important for your sanity and also for your family – it can be before your kids wake up, or in the evening when your husband gets home, whatever hours make sense.

Having family time is just as important, so at some point you’re going to want to start to block out family time otherwise you’ll probably turn into workaholic, which is going to infringe on that stuff and we don’t want that to happen.

My next point to keep in mind is the fact that there’s this big misconception out there that you can work from home and not have childcare. Childcare should be a business expense that you should prepare for if you’re working from home! Block out consistent work times so you always have availability to accept meetings or at least to get some solid work done. Once you set business hours you’re going to start to recognize the times when you need childcare.

Sometimes you might be able to send them to church child care or swap with another mom so that she has your kids two days a week and you have them the other two days, or even hire a girl who isn’t quite old enough to babysit on her own yet but could act as a mother’s helper. She will keep the kids busy and quiet while you’re trying to get some stuff done. Make sure you’re focusing on what you can do, not the roadblocks in the way!

This final recommendation is the most important: you need to determine what success means to you! Take whatever fuels your fire and focus on making that a reality. You have to decide what it is for you and then you need to put it into action to make it happen!

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