Watch When Work From Anywhere Feels Impossible

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When Working From Home Seems Impossible

This work from anywhere life sometimes feels like it’ll never happen. But it’s time to craft a new story for yourself. 

How’s the virtual job hunt going?

This was my last week teaching at Institute of Code with The Blonde Abroad for her first blogging retreat. Amazing to teach and inspire women trying to create their online work + travel life amidst the palm trees and pool here in Bali. What a life.

But, there’s been a lot of tears this week…

Personally, even with everything I get to do with all of you…I struggle with feeling like a failure. I am so scared that everything I want to do with all of you won’t ever happen.

The girls in our 90 Day VA program have gotten a little behind or aren’t hearing back from jobs they inquire with and feel like failures too.

And the women here for this blogging intensive, even with their amazing travel blogs and lifestyles shared the biggest takeaway they got from this intensive was “yes, I CAN do this”

So often we have voices in our head that continue to tell us we can’t do things. This is crazy. This will never happen.

I want you to hear my voice above the rest even if it’s hard to hear Yes, you CAN work from home. Yes you CAN design a life you love. And it’s not over until you win.

Rinse and repeat until those other negative voices STFU.

If all else fails, watch and listen to this.

You are writing a new story for your life. A story with WHATEVER YOU WANT!

Want to work from a cafe in Paris? LETS DO IT.

Want to come work from the pool in Bali with me? SEE YA SOON!

Want to work from home with your babies? OK!

Wherever you want to go, whatever you want to do it IS possible. You are in charge and you make the rules!

I have been through enough in my life to not take “oh it was easy for you, but I could never” NO THE HELL IT WASN’T EASY! And if I could do it then why not you?




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