Virtual Assisting- One Career You Can Take Anywhere

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The “work from home” phenomenon/apex of the high life/dream has so many folks grabbing their party products, closest friends (And their closest friends and their closest friends) and hitting the pavement to make those sales. But, that’s all about territory, you have to sell to your clients and keep ‘em coming. Being a virtual assistant (VA) is one truly freeing career (nice that it’s a career too, not a job, huh?). Here’s the why and how that really matters.

Obviously, Vacation

You probably don’t think you’d want to work on vacation. Usually work is the proverbial ball and chain. You wait all year to take a break from it for a week or two to relax and refresh. However , if you love what you do you and are always thinking of ways to do it better. And being untethered, you can go more often. No more waiting for that time to accrue, no more battling Sheila two cubicles over for the coveted spring break week off, you can just go….

The Things And Places That Matter Most

The most important, freeing aspect of being able to work anywhere is being able to be there for the important things that come up. A funeral, a graduation, a birth, a friend in need, taking the kids to see what they read about in history class. How many essential life moments have we let pass by because we “couldn’t get the time off”? When you’re a Virtual Assistant you don’t have to arrange, you can just go, and be the person you really want to be, the one who’s there for the big stuff.

Redeeming The Time

Know how all efficiency gurus say to always bring a book with you, or a list of calls to make so when you’re stuck waiting at the Doctor’s office or in between games at your kid’s sport event? Well so much more useful it is to work! You can be researching articles, posting on Facebook, whatever it is you are doing for your client you can probably do some of it on your phone, at any time. There’s nothing like taking a painful wait and making it profitable.

Unforeseen Perks

When you can work anywhere, you often do! Coffee shop, park, your friend’s boring party, the gym. These are the times when those happenstance meetings occur and you can pick up a new client, or even just a resource. Being able to say to a client “Hey, I know a guy who can help you with that” is gold for a VA, so everyone you meet is a potential treasure.

Even Without Internet?!

Being a virtual assistant means freedom, in what you do, how you do it, who you do it for, and of course where you do it. You want to travel the world and eat dragon fruit right of the tree while submitting an invoice, you got it. Want to go even more remote than that? Well. You do need internet so maybe that’s one limitation, but by tethering your phone to your computer that pretty much solves that. Haha! Nay-sayers! Foiled again.  Anywhere you want to go, your work can come with you.  

Virtual Assisting truly is a magical key that unlocks countless doors. You can help others by accounting, customer service, graphic design, content creation, really any skill or interest you have can be used to assist your client and your offerings can evolve to new skills or a specially honed expertise. As far as taking your business anywhere, in this regard, the sky’s the limit!


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