How to RV Around America and Work Online

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How to RV Around America and Work Online

Imagine full-time RVing!

Leaving the traditional brick and mortar behind in your rearview mirror and hitting the open road where you have nowhere and everywhere to go… while making a profitable income by working online.

Sounds good, right?

For those thinking of packing up and leaving the urban landscape for a more majestic one, there are 2 very important factors to consider if you want your job to be as flexible as your lifestyle. 

  1. How are you going to stay connected online?
  2. What kind of RV are you going to choose to be your new mobile home?

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RV in America

Our Top Tips For Amazing Internet While RVing

On the business side, the internet will be your number one priority as it’s crucial for your business to stay online. This will be the difference between making a solid income on the move vs being stuck in one place or in an RV hosting park.

RV parks, coffee shops, libraries and other public places all have Wifi but there are some things to consider before thinking this is the answer. 

Although most have Wifi connectivity, they do have their disadvantages:

  • Poor connections. 
  • Limits on the amount of usage. 
  • Tied down to an urban setting.

A good way to go is to consider getting a 4G connection with your cell phone provider. Verizon is a great one to choose as it has the most comprehensive cellular network and gives you more signal than any other carrier.

There are some pitfalls though.

Cellular data requires that your phone is in range of cell towers. Distance, buildings, trees, hills, and mountains can all prevent you from getting a signal.

Some seasoned RVers have opted for either a wifi booster fitted to their RV or even more popular is the cell phone signal booster, which boosts the actual signal of your cell phone. 

This allows you to go to those remote places and have 4G all the time. WeBoost is one of the most favored brands for this.

Working Online with Phone

How To Choose the Best RV for Your New Lifestyle

With your internet connectivity sorted, the next big decision is as to what type of RV you are going to choose. 

This is your home on wheels, after all! 

Your choice will depend on the type of adventures you want to experience during your journey.

  • The biggest RV is your Class A which comes in both diesel and gas. This is one of the most popular options, having many of the comforts of a residential home. Both resemble a coach with a vertical front and large windows that are perfect for seeing the panoramic views as you drive.
  • The Class C RV has a distinctive “cab-over” profile, making it easy to recognize. It offers similar amenities to the Class A but is on a smaller chassis (the framework that supports your entire motorhome). It’s perfect for families, singles and those who just love to explore.
  • The 5th Wheel is the largest type of towable RV and is pulled by a large Pick-Up Truck. It has spacious living spaces and is easy to tow considering the size. Another plus is that you can park your trailer and go exploring in your truck without the restraint of having to tow your home with you.

Now that those two important issues are taken care of, there are some other things to contemplate, before you set off.

RV around America

Manage Your Online Work Days While RVing Full Time

You might have to think about redefining your workday. Considering that you doing this to get away from the normal 9-to-5er, you want to be able to enjoy the experiences, sites and quality time with your loved ones.

Traveling days won’t leave much time to work. If you are considering working while driving, take note that this may cause you to reach for a motion-sickness pill. 

Internet connectivity might be intermittent or weak  (although your WeBoost could help with that problem).

Once you arrive at the RV park or wherever you decide to camp, it will take some time setting up before you can finally sit down to work.

So take these tips into account when planning your journey and remember that this all started to allow for a more balanced lifestyle between work and play.

Travel Map of America in Car

4 Quick Tips for RV Life and Working Online

  1. Like any home, there will be maintenance and chores to do, such as keeping your campsite clean, frequent trash runs and emptying sewage and gray water tanks on a regular basis. This can all be learned by Googling and watching tutorials and there is no other better way to learn than by just by getting your hands a bit dirty. 
  2. Traveling in an RV affords you the freedom of a mobile kitchen too, saving money by not having to eat at restaurants all the time. A tip to remember is that you might have to do a series of smaller shops rather than one big one due to the small size of most RV refrigerators. 
  3. Generators and solar panels make it easy to go exploring for several days too, allowing you to be as far off the grid as you want!
  4. The Annual US Park Pass, which is only $80 gives you access to 2,000 sites across the country and includes the Grand Canyon, Arches, Yosemite, and Zion.

Although most National Parks don’t allow our furry friends, the good news is that most State Parks do. These are usually close enough to the National Parks to visit for the day and then return to your campsite.

So if you take into account America’s 50 States, that’s 2,000 National Parks and over 10,000 State Parks, a new majestic view can be a daily or weekly occurrence, and you can work while seeing all of these stunning vistas!

Excited, inspired and would you like to hear a first-hand experience of what RVing around America is actually like?

Well, you are in luck!

Esther Inman, CEO of Virtual Assistant Internship, talks to Julia Taylor, host of @destinationnomad about her experiences as a web developer and having a successful online business while RVing around America with her husband and dog. Hear first hand how they did it and get all the tips that will make your dream of doing the same reality in this podcast episode.

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About the Author:

Lauryn is a virtual assistant that specializes in creating and repurposing content that increases growth and engagement for all your social media needs. She enjoys learning about new platforms, techniques, and staying on current trends. She is a mom, wife, and now lives in the South of France with her family. Lauryn enjoys time spent with family and friends, and her dream is to live somewhere with an ocean view. To learn more about her services, click here.

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