Q & A With a Pro: Part 1 – HOW Do You Travel and Work With Your Kid?

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Q&A travel work kids part 1

Traveling with kids is hard enough, try adding in full-time online work as well as school, accommodation and balancing activities into the mix? Here I am answering some of my most asked questions about how I do it with my 7-year-old son and full-time life on the road!

How about school?

The world is his classroom! We get to discover different things that are exciting and educational and it forces me to get up, move my butt, and get out of the house. As for curriculum, it’s actually really amazing how they now have completely online school for children as little as kindergarten and preschool! Eventually, I’ll enroll him in school somewhere so he gets the chance to make friends all over the world. It’s not impossible to travel with kids, in fact, it’s fun and really amazing and he has a great life. Traveling with him proves to him that he can go and do fun stuff and have an awesome life and allows him to realize that there’s no wrong way to do things.

How do you balance your schedules?

Well in the beginning when I wasn’t making a ton of money I had to work my schedule around when he was sleeping or could chill and watch TV. I couldn’t take meetings while he was awake but at least I could get some stuff done. When we had we caught up on bills more, I could enroll him in preschool or daycare which I was able to afford – that opened me up to be able to do more work. You have to look at childcare as a business expense.

Do you have any helpful hints for other parents?

Teach your kids that certain things (headphones in, door shut, etc) mean you are not to be disturbed, and if there’s a chance your kid might not follow those rules, give your client a heads up that this is an odd time for us to meet so he might poke in, sorry. If all else fails, use my secret weapon – the TV or the iPad. I save them for emergencies like last-minute meetings or anything important. Previously I’d have either on in the background – stop that! If they have to ask for it or are only given it on special occasions, it becomes a treat and it will hold their attention.

What are you supposed to do with all your belongings?

I started by putting everything that was precious to me and everything that was going to be very expensive to replace in a tiny storage unit. After that, you stop being attached to so many things and just get rid of stuff. We have our lives in suitcases!

How are you supposed to manage expenses?

I suggest looking at the work that you’re doing and the income that you are making and then calculate your basic expenses. You don’t have rent, internet, electrical, or your car to pay for anymore. You can do house-sitting, stay with family, Airbnb or VRBO, etc. Keep in mind that long-term rentals sometimes give discounts based on the length of your stay!

Travel with your kids and your job is all about balance! If you have any other questions, make sure to send them my way! I will be answering all questions in this series.

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