The ONE Skill You Need to Be a $100K VA

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the one skill you need to be a 100k va

You’re already killing it as a Virtual Assistant. Working from anywhere is awesome, right? You are already making it happen with a skillset that you picked up in your old 9 to 5 or from the skills you learned from a course like 90 Day VA

BUT there is one skill you can acquire that can skyrocket your resume, and your income, to the next level: coding. It is a computer skill, but you don’t have to be a tech wizard to learn HTML or CSS. Wait! Stay with me.  

Once you have basic knowledge of how to code, you will be able to offer clients so much more. It will truly set you apart from other VAs.

Making this investment in your business will pay dividends in the type of jobs you can land and easily make it possible to earn a SIX. FIGURE. INCOME. while working online. You are already a boss babe. Time to go PLATINUM!

CSS work online girl VA

Coding is really hard though, right? WRONG!

Learning both of these computer languages would be beneficial, but CSS is tailored for website customization. It will help you design that slick website that will wow customers and increases your clients’ profits. 

So, what is CSS? The quick version: CSS, along with HTML, are two languages that internet browsers read. HTML is the structure. It tells the browser what each part of a webpage is like the header, navigation bar, words, and graphics. 

CSS brings the beauty. Think fonts, colors, backgrounds, animations, effects, and so on. Sounds complicated, right? It’s not that bad. Scott Morris from Skillcrush says, “getting a solid working knowledge of either of these can be done in just a few weeks.” 

Brit Hemming, a freelance web developer and expert in coding, talked about her experience learning CSS and how she merged technology with her passion. Not only does she travel the world working as a digital nomad, but she also created an organization called Programmers 4 Peace that teaches technology skills in developing countries. She says “it’s one of the best skills you can know. It basically allows you to take your idea and create it. Even if you’re not techy or you’re not interested in coding.”

CSS girl work online from home

Why you should want to learn CSS coding

You can find plenty of free courses online that will teach you the basics of coding with HTML and CSS. That’s a great way to dip your toes in the water. However, if you want to be able to offer outstanding results to your clients, you will want to take a more intensive training course or “boot camp” in these coding languages. 

Even these courses can be done in as little as four weeks. That’s not much time when you consider the YEARS spent earning college degrees (not to mention it’s a fraction of the cost), and there is a good chance you will earn more right out of training than the average college grad. Remember, you don’t have to be an IT expert already. It’s just the basics. You CAN learn to code.

CSS allows you to customize websites to fit your client’s brand. You can create unique and engaging landing pages (the first page of the website) that will draw customers in and keep them there with stunning graphics, organized content, and simple navigation. (Bonus- you can often do all of this with some CSS tweaks to their current WordPress templates!)

What about making their newsletter one that customers want to see in their inbox? Or create an online resume that will impress prospective clients and get you that dream gig? You can do all of that with a base knowledge of CSS.

css girl working on laptop

Is it worth it to learn to code?

Your knowledge of CSS will give you the skills to leave your clients delighted with your services. Learning this bit of coding can give you the income level that will allow you to thrive in your online business and provide the lifestyle you want for you and your family.

According to Glassdoor, an average starting salary for a Front End Web Developer (the person responsible for coding HTML and CSS) is $76K. Virtual Assistants who offer these services can charge from $50-70 an hour making this one of the higher price points for VAs newer to working online.

So, YES it is worth investing the time and money to learn how to code. 

A customized website can convert potential customers into buyers just from an inviting landing page. It can optimize your client’s business and make it more profitable.

Once you have a few happy clients under your belt, you can raise your rate for your services. It wouldn’t take many clients at this price point to put you in the $100K earnings bracket. 

It’s one thing to just know how to do data entry, customer service, and writing, but if you can add CSS to your list of skills it’s going to take you to the next level.

It is possible to pull in that kind of income offering regular virtual assistant services, but if you are at all inclined to learn some coding skills you’ll get there a lot faster with a smaller workload.

CSS work online VA on the phone

You already know the VA life is possible. With some basic coding skills you can learn online without a college degree, you can be a $100K VA.

CSS skills enable you to charge a high-end rate for your high-end, valuable services. So, invest in yourself and your business.  Make those insanely ambitious goals, learn some coding skills, and make yourself a spectacular success, boss babe!

If you’re looking to build a solid foundation as a Virtual Assistant, check out our FREE online class to help you get started. We teach you the basics of web management like setting up a WordPress account, how to keep up with maintenance and updates, as well as how to format a blog post.

90 day va student dana handy

Dana Handy is a Virtual Assistant here to help businesses optimize their social media presence and add value to their customers through content. She loves to help with any tasks that keep business owners from using their talents to focus on their business.

She is a member of 90 Day VA and specializes in content creation, content repurposing, and social media management. Her experience as a classroom teacher helps her communicate and use multiple strategies to reach an audience.

Dana enjoys painting and making art. She lives in Kentucky with her husband and two daughters.

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