What To Do When You Can’t Afford 90 Day VA

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what to do when cant afford 90 day va and how to

I get a message every single day to our page, my DMs on IG or via email from incredible warrior women that want to work online desperately but cannot afford our virtual assistant training and online job support program 90 Day VA.

Even the $197/mo payment plan option feels beyond reach for the single Moms, widows, military spouses, non-western currency residents, etc. I have seen women get into the program by AMAZING means and wanted to put together some of the best ideas I’ve seen come from those rocking it online with our program.

They refused to be taken aback by a little thing like money and made it happen instead!

Woman bent over her laptop in frustration

7 Ways to Afford 90 Day VA

Credit card or small personal loan

Remember its an investment into your future career babe, it’s not a stupid clothing purchase or something. In order to be successful working around the world like we are don’t you think we’ve invested in skills training, team members, tools, books, courses, clubs, etc to help us along? OF COURSE WE HAVE! Change your mindset around what this program is going to do for you and look at it as an investment and not a stupid one off purchase.

Pick up some babysitting and house cleaning

Post onto Facebook and into some local area groups:

“I am trying to start a new online job so that I can __________ but need to earn some extra money to afford the skills training I need so I can make it happen! I am committed to doing this and am looking to pick up some babysitting, dog walking, and house cleaning or organizing gigs in order to get there.

Please send me everyone you know looking for some extra help right now or shoot me a text! I have to enroll by the end of the month so I am jam packing my nights and weekends until then and am 100% here to help you!”

Then thank me later when you are working online in less then 90 days just from working a few extra nights!

Women writing in a notebook

  • Pick up some shifts at work

Same idea as above! Leave a note or send an email to your colleagues!

  • Sell your old shit

Walk around your house, closet and garage then take nice pictures with good lighting (funny pics works great!) and post them to Facebook Marketplace for good prices with a timeline cut off so people show up! Sell everything that you don’t absolutely LOVE or NEED to live. It’s so freeing!

  • Call in some old debts or ask for a Christmas gift early!

Is your birthday or Christmas coming up? Can you ask a dear friend or family member if you can have a cash advance gift? Remember you only need enough to cover the $197 initial payment. Does anyone owe you money or a favor? TIme to call those in!

  • Transcription 

This is a longer-term plan but in 2-4 weeks you could have plenty saved up to afford the program during the next enrollment in 6 months. Great resources without a college degree or experience required for transcription are: RevScribie and Transcribe Me .

Remember this isn’t a long term work from anywhere solution because the pay isn’t great and it’s hard on your body BUT it’s a fab place to start!

  • Teach English Online

We have a lot of former online English teachers in our program because the pay isn’t great, the hours suck and its extremely draining! But just like transcription, it’s an amazing place to start if needed.

You will need to be a native English speaker and will make better money with an easy-to-get (and affordable) TEOFL certificate but no degree is required for a company like Cambly, Magic Ears and PalFish.

Read here for the best tips and resources for Teaching English Online.

Esther Inman, CEO of Virtual Assistant Internship


Besides just straight money being an issue…we actually find that for a lot of you it’s not actually money that’s an issue (although you think it is).

What do I mean by that? Well…its amazing to me when people send me their stories and frustration around lack of money…but then have enough money for a new handbag or toys their kids don’t need.

They’ve been following me and our programs for years but still haven’t been able to come up with the cash or implement any of the ideas I just gave above.

Do you see how you may be sabotaging yourself? Be honest if you are stuck in this LACK mindset. You have the money you just aren’t prioritizing it for this because of whatever reason is hidden deep in there I cannot help you discover but can give you some ideas…

  • Maybe deep down you don’t think you can do this?
  • You feel guilty for spending money on yourself instead of your __________________
  • You feel guilty for wanting to do something else other then ______________________
  • You have no idea what you actually want to do so the fuzziness is leaving you stuck in indecision vs taking steps forward in whatever direction so you can keep moving
  • You are overwhelmed because you’ve committed to too many things in order to appease someone or something and need to release those in order to make space financially and with time to focus on something as important as your career + life

Take some time to get quiet with yourself and see if one of these mindset issues are the REAL reason you aren’t moving ahead or make a plan to get the funds ASAP before enrollment closes.

See enrollment details for 90 Day VA HERE

2 women working on their laptops

By the time you get over your financial or mindset blocks this batch of women will already be working online so don’t get stuck too long! Women are so freaking strong.

We CAN do hard things. We can not only survive but THRIVE and create incredible lives (with or without help from someone or something like being born into privilege)

A quote saying "You are worth it"


2 things I’d ask you to do now:

  1. post into our Facebook Group what your plan of attack is to afford this skills training so you can work online
  2. Click the ‘get started in messenger’ button below if you want to learn more about how to be a virtual assistant (no experience required) so you can join the work from anywhere movement too!


7 Ways to afford 90 Day VA

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