This is my pride and joy. The exact program I did with my original interns (except jam packed with even more) to help them launch their complete VA business. Since then we’ve helped countless women launch their home based careers and words like “life changing” and “incredible value” are generously tossed around by our graduates. If you do 1 module per week then you can be a VA easily charging $20-$30/hr at the end of 90 days. 

Can you imagine being able to earn a real income from home in just 90 days? What would that mean to you and your kids? Where in the world could you travel to?

And so this is my gift to you. An incredible value at a realistic price. 

I believe in you and know you can do this!




of $250.00



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The first 2 modules are dedicated to explaining exactly what a VA is and everything you need in order to get started. Then we get your calendar and email organized and show you how to do this for clients so you can have your first home based skills ready to go!

One of the biggest lucrative skills you can do from home is managing small businesses social media accounts. First we outline the best strategy for businesses on each social media platform, then how to create a comprehensive content package you can offer clients. Includes samples, templates, and portfolio building exercises. Finally we review post scheduling tools and how to do simple Facebook Ads. These 4 modules are jam packed and include workbooks to help you document everything you learn along the way.

As a former professional project manager, I show you how to best organize multiple clients and projects so you can stay on top of everything in your own business AND so you can work with clients managing their projects and tasks. Many clients use online project management tools, I show you how to use these with clients and for yourself!

Being able to send client newsletters, email campaigns, and help write some of the content for them is a must for every VA! In these 3 videos I explain the current trends in email marketing and then show you exactly how to put them into practice with the most popular tools clients are using today. Includes samples and portfolio building exercises!

I teamed up with one of our program graduates who now solely offers web design for clients to bring you 3 videos that show you how to create a simple (practically free) website to showcase your skills and expertise AND to help with light WordPress management for clients. More offerings and skills in your tool belt to offer clients.

This is the part that makes everyone nervous- “but how will I actually find legit home based work???” Have no fear. We walk you through how to find work, how to do your resume, inquiry note, and portfolio. PLUS, what NOT to do if you want to get an interview.





I paid a lawyer to draft this sample contract up for you to make getting started as easy as possible. I also show you in a video how to use free tools to send client contracts online and get them signed legally, easily, professionally, and quickly!

VALUE $297

HOLY MOLY this is an incredible value!! I had clients BEGGING me to find them VAs who knew how to use Infusionsoft. So we teamed up with a professional to show you the EXACT skills clients are asking for. Infusionsoft is a VERY popular software internet based software that small business owners pay a lot of money for to manage their leads, email list, customers, and online marketing and programs. This course alone will allow you to charge $30+/hr for the basic skills you’ll be able to offer! WHAT? I am not joking. AND she shows you how to practice on your own too!


Motivation can lag, you’ll have questions and you want some feedback on your portfolio and resume. I get it! So once a month we all get together and I review all questions and items you submit live on the recorded call. Even if you can’t make it, it’s recorded and loaded onto the site so I can still go through anything you submit and give you priceless feedback! 


I spend more time in here then the larger group, you get all your questions and concerns answered quickly and directly by me. We post samples and give feedback. Graduates come chime in and support you, FB live Q/A, sometimes we have bonus trainings and more! !


of $250.00





We are updating the content this quarter! You get the most up to date strategies for your clients as a VA for Instagram, Pinterest, Blogging for SEO and a brand new editorial calendar and reporting templates! 

VALUE $297

New course launching March 2018, you get it for FREE when you enroll this month. Includes advanced VA management skills such as why and how to set boundaries with clients so you aren’t on call 24/7, creating your online presence and client funnel, how to grow and make more money (without working more hours)

VALUE $500

We’ve partnered with the Institute of Code in Bali where our founder is based to give you this exclusive scholarship off any of their courses in 2018. Advance your skills in complete front end web design or as a content marketer at their luxury all inclusive 10 day retreats. Includes over 100 hours of coursework, tours and outings, daily yoga, chef prepared meals and 1 on 1 session with our founder, Esther, and Institute of Code co-founders Tina & Emile.  

TOTAL VALUE: Over $2000+ 



of $250.00


*Military MUST submit proof of you or your spouses active duty or veteran status via email within 30 days or automatically upgraded to full price difference*