So many of you asked for JUST a course on social media management so you could learn everything there is to learn quickly and then kickstart your career as a Social Media Manager. So I’ve put together the best content I have from years of social media management for high end clients. Including sample packages, templates and more!

All the full course details are below but if you love posting to Facebook, interacting in groups and/or making pretty images- then this is the course for you. Again, no selling anything to friends and no degree required!

You got this.



Social Media ManagerKickstart (1)

In this module we go over specific strategies for each type of business and social media platform so you can recommend and create packages effectively.

Social Media ManagerKickstart (2)

Learn what an effective social media marketing campaign looks like and how exactly to create one yourself. Includes samples, templates and portfolio building exercises!

Social Media ManagerKickstart (3)

Now that you know what kinds of posts are going to do well on each type of platform and for each type of your clients audience types…how do you create the images? The captions? What needs to be in them? We break it down for you here.

Social Media ManagerKickstart (4)

Now that you know how to create such beautiful content your clients and their audience will love, we show you how to use the MUST KNOW scheduling tools and how to create analytical resports to show clients how your work is getting them results. Also how to build packages to offer to clients.


Social Media ManagerKickstart (5)

A must know skill for every social media manager starting out. We give you the foundations of how to use Facebook Ads so you can run simple campaigns for clients. Includes a workbook!